Brands Indy - Saturday 24th January!

Planning some more trackdays for this year. Was having a look at the MSV site, and saw they have one on Saturday week. It’s £79. Any brave souls going (I am thinking about it)…

would love to join you and its great price ,but no more track days for me till it warms up a bit ,probably april time then the fun begins…

I’m waiting to see what the weather’s going to do. Not going if it’s snowing!

£79 isn’t that cheap for Brands Indy, but it’s one of the few pieces of tarmac I’ve found in Kent that isn’t appallingly potholed and covered in mud at this time of year!

Now a case of nuts to this, it’s too cold!

think I’ll pop down there about 11:30 for a nose… there will be some brave people there as its gonna be cold

that track is in a valley. Paddock hill bend will be VERY slippery. I expect the insurers to be having a nose around :w00t::smiley:

graham hill looked particularly slippery…these guys are nutters…

One penis decided it was going to ok to go out on the first sighting laps on the GSXR1000 on SLICKS…needless to say he only managed to get to Druids before falling off and coating the track in oil. Had to wait about for half an hour before it was safe to go back out again.

It was slippery and cold but if you adapted to the conditions it was fine.

what a massive schlong.

i think i know who that 1000 rider was! couple of mates crashed that day, and now my trip to Spain is cheaper than their 79 quid day at brands when you factor in repair bills!! :confused:

lol, and thats why i’m so reluctant to take my Bike on a Track, i’d be that one that bins it! I really need to win the lottery so i can buy a track tool! :slight_smile:

It’s fine taking your road bike on the track, you just have to remember you’re not Rossi :wink:
And also hope no other dick thinks they are too…

you can get track bikes really cheap! even if i didnt care about the bike im racing this season, i still wouldnt do brands hatch in january with cold and wet, i dont see the point for what i want out of a test or track day! orses for courses though.

can’t wait back in the country on feb 10th and picking up a 2004 cbr600rr a couple of days later, currently its set for road use but that will soon change…:smiley: