Brands Indy Resurfaced

Should make it “interesting” for the trackday there on Thursday!

I can’t imagine that cold, fresh, damp tarmac is all that grippy :w00t:

Alot more grip than completely worn out rutty surfaces, like it had become. :slight_smile: It had more seams and joins than me grannies tights :smiley:

We’ll let you know Thursday night just how good it was :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet about f*£K!Ng time lol,no more worrying about the mahoosive groove at clearways :smiley: hmmm now more of an excuse to book up

I didn’t realise it was still that bad. Clearways was terrible last time I was at Brands about 3 or 4 years ago!

Depending on work and the weather, I might head down to Brands for the trackday on Thursday but I’m not sure yet.

To be fair, Clearways was the only section where the surface wasn’t good, and that was on a par with just about the whole of Mallory.

I will miss my arsehole twitching like thumper’s nose everytime I crossed it leant over!

I can explain the main rut around clearways, it wasn’t a defect, SuzukiSi had just worn a groove into the surface. :wink:

I was out on it yesterday very smooth but did find a few ripples ,take care people very low grip levels early on although it did improve slightly as the day went on .

Yes, it takes a while for a surface to bed in and get rubbered up.*

They did Jerez in sept 08, by next spring it was super.

*It sounds like a potential gurlfriend!

'bout time they sorted Clearways. It has claimed way too many riders.

Yes, it’s a corner with a bite for sure.

However, assuming they have retained the old changes in elevation and camber I still think it will continue to claim victims.

I think from the moment you turn left behind the pits to the exit of clearways is one of the trickiest sections on any track, anywhere. It’s my weakest section of Brands.

I always quite enjoy the challenge, and another thing I like is if I’m having to be carefull getting 120BHP down to the ground without booking airmiles, I’m sure the guys with 165BHP plus are also having to show a bit of self control on the throttle - it’s a chance for the modest horse power brigade to catch up!

It may be done by now but there was no blend line when joining the circuit from the pit’s.Although very welcome the new surface felt very alien,when i got the confidence to put a knee down on the new surface it felt like glass with next to no friction.

Fnar! :slight_smile:

Hmmm…Did you mean right? :unsure:

True, I know I can make up time there, but I don’t have the confidence. The R1 felt a bit more planted round there than the GSX-R so I think I used to get through the corner quicker.

The GP configuration onto that section of track is so much better IMO…

A bit terrifying (in my case) when you pass under the bridge to find your brakes have faded and the lever goes back to the bar though…I feel Brembos beckon.

No fella, I meant left as the clearways section starts with your approach line so I figured that meant the corner behind the pits. You are right though, it’s a right at the start of it.

It’s nice to see MSV putting some money into the track.

I guess we’ll be paying that as now they are charging for garage bookings at every trackday.

So it’s no longer, pay to be guaranteed a garage?

It’s pay if you want a garage at all?

Bloody ridiculous. :angry:

It’s pay to ensure you have your own garage. What’s not booked is up for grabs.

I forget that all those offs and hard riding must mean the tarmac gets ruined!

oi oi bergy, I didnt see you there. I was with brian and les from LJ Motorcycles, getting some track time before first rookie racing season is kicking off.the resurface is fine tbh, B rekons I was doing 56s not bad considering the circumstance like crashing an SP1 in the morning and never had ridden 600 before, i kept not revving past 14k cause im used to my r1 so I now rekon I can go alot quicker. just gotta get my new bike and get more practice and i no i can go faster.

B who is a riding god was doing 52s -53s lol and the BSB superstock lads were doing 51-53s laps.

if anything thing I could hold and awesome line through surtees and clearways that Ive never done before. was awesome the surface change is now really smooth, can go wide and not feel like your gonna fall off etc.

Hi Deano My first opinion of the surface was when i first rode it which was only two days after they had finished laying it which along with the poor conditions that day made it very slippy as those who went down that day would agree . On the last vist i’m pleased to say that it is starting to improve and no doubt with more use it can only get better,i wish i hadn’t done the first bike day earlier this month on the new surface so early as it has made me cautious.Good luck with your season Deano .bergy