Brands Indy on the 27/10/10

booked myself onto this. anyone else gonna be there?

Would love to but can’t as a school day. Doing Rockingham on 31st. See you there again maybe?

unfortunately not mate. next one for me after Brands Indy will be Silverstone GP on the 08/11.
how’s tricks been anyhow? Did the Wales TD go ahead?

It did - Anglesey’s a superb track and had great weather. Enjoy Silverstone - see you before too long!

I really wanna go, just not sure if I could handle 3 trackdays in 6 days. will have to leave it to last min, if i am still physically ok and they got space.

Would like too mate but will be in cartagena :stuck_out_tongue:

Harry your here too you forum guru you lol

Ive been here ages mate but never posted but its cold outside and Im bored :w00t:

No drama’s Harry.
Should be booking Brands again on the 4th…but i’ll see after next month’s TD’s.
In the meantime I’ve just booked Silverstone GP again for the 14/11 with FE.
Maybe see you there?

Hi Vala - looks like I shall meet you there. Not sure what I’m riding yet (possibly old GSXR) but will look out for LB stickers on your bike. Fingers crossed for good weather.

i got no stickers on my bike mate. its a 2008 R6 with dark track fairings. got some body filler on the right hand side of the fairings due to my little off at Silverstone the other week…oops. that’ll probably be the easiest way to spot me…or just look for the chap in white Scott Leathers suit with ‘vala’ on the back :wink: