Brands Indy Monday 9th May £99


I am booking onto this event, will be my first bike track day so would be good to have a few LB’ers there too?


Does sound darn tempting! Great price, and hopefully good weather…

Edited: Oh, it is 4 groups though I notice, rather than 3, so possibly less track time for the money. Wonder if it could get merged down to 3 group … then a genuine bargain!

Looking at the Focused website, the 3 group day on Wednesday 11th for £20 extra sounds a bit better - … can you change over? With 3 groups you either get more track time per session, or just more sessions with less “gap” inbetween I believe.

Might be interested.

Be good to go back with fresh tyres.

With four groups hopefully there wont be too may pi$$ taking overtakes in the corners.


pretty sure they do 15min sessions rather than 20, same number of sessions overall

see what you mean, but for first bike track day I think that suits me better?

couple of guys spoken to say after 20 minutes your properly knackered

Hi, I find I’m getting into the swing of things after 20 minutes.

You shouldn’t be knackered unless you’re putting every ounce into the session … and I’d take it reasonably easy anyway on an early track day. Just get a feeling for the lines and rythm, and definitely take the opportunity to grab a coaching session or two … especially as they’re free! :slight_smile:

suspensions sorted, actually booked and paid up for this now :smiley:

any people joining?

im doing the open pit lane evening session on this day.

if you get there early enough rixxy, come say hello to the guy with a smashed up cbr600 scratching his head trying to scav a lift home :smiley:

hey mate, what you gunna do now your bikes gone? I only ask as i know a website you might be able to sell your place on.

I might do this one actually

Going to ring focused and see if they will give me a credit against a diff day, if not that website could be handy??

Was really looking forward to it but never mind I will get the new bike out on one ASAP :slight_smile: