Brands Indy Monday 19th September Club MSV £125

I’m booked!:slight_smile: Come on LB Trackdayers where are you…especially the old crew.:cool:

Your convincing me on this one B, just let me get the time off work…

Oooh tempted

Would love to, but I can’t get the time off work :crying:

Right all booked up, inters group , see you there B!

Now we’re talking old school with Mr E. Be a pleasure to catch up mate!

Weefrenchie… you can’t go to work on that day, you’ve got a cold.

PJ, Hope you can make it mate. I’d better dial in your ZXR sharpish.

Are you instructing B or out to play?

Just want to make sure i book the right group to come play, if i book of course :wink:

Definitely, felt a lot better there last time round I was there, so looking for some real improvement this time…

Is Les going?

It’ll be more of a social as I’ll be a paying customer. I’ll be spending some time with a friend who races, just need to check his suspension set up and get some track time with him.

But we can all grab a garage together and I’ll definitely get some laps with you if you can make it.:cool:


Definitely, felt a lot better there last time round I was there, so looking for some real improvement this time…

Is Les going?

Yes it’s a nice feeling when it all starts to click in to place… makes you want more.

Les does not need much encouragement but this time it could be tricky as he’s on hols. Last I heard, he was trying to find a way round this :smiley:

would have been great to join in but i’ll be away that week:(

Maybe next time Weeman. I’ll probably do another one before the year is out and I’ll post it up here. :wink:

Looks like you will be having the pleasure of my presence out there in the fast group B, well for a couple of corners anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m IN;)

Grand! I thought this might have been a bit close to your Le Mans trip. Can’t knock your enthusiasm mate.:cool:

Let the fun commence:)

well as its old school i’d better be there…booked fast (although this may be optimistic these days!)

susie may be coming too if she can get the day off but will have to be inters now by the looks of things :ermm:

A blast from the past:cool: Welcome aboard JB, it’s been a while. You’ll be fine in the fast group, just keep that disciplined technique as you always do and the confidence will grow…

for sure. miss our old trackdays to be fair, dont seem to have much time these days for social biking

will be good to practice the CSS stuff and it’ll give PJ a grin as he passes me :wink:

noticed on the booking about the garage reservations - is that something we need to do at brands these days or are the free garages easy enough to grab?

I should try and post up a few more trackdays, I’ve only done one this year myself. More laziness than anything but I know once I’m there it’s always a laugh…

I think PJ is taking the ZX7R so you’ll have a bit more of a chance.

I would have thought there would be plenty of garages available but worst case scenario it would cost us a few quid each. Bit of a pain in principle because we never had to do that in the past.

know what you mean. been working mega hours working for the new gym and hol time has been scarce. at the mo i may even need to go to cover the gym at 8pm onwards which will suck big fat ones.

more than happy to chip in to secure a garage. like you say in the past it hasn’t been an issue, just haven’t been to brands recently so wasn’t sure what the score was.

Dr B recommends 50 laps of Brands and if there is still stress remaining then take another 10 laps once an hour for a further two sessions. :P:D