Brands Indy, Monday 17th June with No Limits - £119 Anyone

No, dust?

What group would you be in?

Could very well be interested…

I’m in inters with Frogmeister. TheDon came along on Wednesday, started in Novice and went up a group, so theres no issues switching on the day

Wednesday…How many of these things do you do? Are you a trackday junkie? :slight_smile:

Well interested…What you riding? I’ll be on an R6?

Many others going or just 2 of you so far?

I wanna do this!

Will I be alright on PR3 tyres? Or will they get ruined on track? Not that I am any sort of racer or anything!! I’ll be in the novice group on my first trackday…


PR3’s will be fine…I’ll be on BT023’s…

Might be on this, probably book it as a last minute thing though, maybe 5 days prior, so its less of a gamble with the rain.

Napa: Nolimits seem to be pretty cool about moving around the groups, so long as its not FULLY booked.

Conrad:I have pilot road 3’s on the GSXR 750 K4, no problems, were decent in the dry and wet, obviously not a full on slick or wet but a good compromise, and great for the road. Just give it about 3 laps before you start pushing.

Saxon/Frogmeister: good to meet you guys, fingers crossed for the sun eh.

I’ll be on a blue R6, blue 1 pce BKS leathers, HJC lid. My mate on a grey R1, grey Alpinestars 1 pce, HJC lid in the inters group. Come along, lads! Its always a good craic whatever group you’re in.

TheDon - Cheers mate! Hope to see you soon!

As Unluckysaxon said I’ll be there and look forward to meeting some more members.
I don’t think anyone will have any probs with tyres, I’ve done approx 4 trackdays and a winters road riding on my 2ct’s with loads of life left. As for compound unless you push extremely hard (I don’t) then most sports or sports touring tyres will be fine. I know I certainly don’t have the skill to out perform them.

I think I will be booking up but am just waiting on a mate who might be doing it as well…Think I will go even if he doesn’t…
Be good to meet you guys anyway and you certainly get to know people during a trackday event :cool:

All booked :slight_smile:

Let’s pray for dry weather…

You’ve said it now, chap! Its gonna do the opposite :w00t:

First rule about track days is: You do not talk about the weather!

Second rule about track days is: you do not talk about the WEATHER!


ah b@ll@x :angry:

Dry weather you know tryres will work, wet weather you hope they work. :wink:

Went round Donnington last wednesday in monsoon conditions and they were using the new Bridgestone T30 tyres (replacing the BT023) and they had a surprising amount of grip in the wet :cool:

Two shots from the last trip at Brands

You look too fast and sleek for me

I look like an apple sitting on a razor blade when on the bike… :blush:

You say that, mate, but look how fast John McGuinness is and hes not exactly built like a paperclip! :smiley:

Are you riding to Brands or do you trailer/Van?

Riding mate. It’s close to home, so can’t really justify the outlay on a van. You at BM tonight? I’ll be wearing a Soundgarden T-shirt, so come over and chat to me :smiley: