Brands Indy - Mon 18th - Hottrax

Anyone going??



Excellent…I’ll be on the Silver Daytona in the inters…

Thats my in my avatar… (GSXR 600 K2, Black with Gold Bling wheels, and hopefully by then some tasteful dayglo Orange stickers )

What group you bookied into bud?


Funnily enough that me in MY avatar, probably going round the same corner as you!!

Is that Novice/Intermediates or Intermediates/Fast?

as the is there groups 2 as above then ACU

mmm - didn’t ask, I’m used to there being three groups - novice - inters - fast ( fast is full )

If you booked inters i reckon you are in Inters/fast

As far as I know they’re running 3 groups, Nov, Inters, and Fast - I wanna be able to overtake someone

They are running 3 groups

Novice / Inters

Inters / Fast


It’s 3 weeks pre race season mate, they will be a lot of ACU guys there testing.

See the Hottrax website the groups are listed there, and i know because 2 of my mates are booked and have confirmation for the ACU group!

Hmm…would have been nice to have been told - I’ll call them tomorrow to see what group I’m in…

How did you book then mate? It’s been on thier website since the begining of the year like that!

Saw it on, then just rang the number - anyway, not too fussed…

I’m sure you will be fine… If you are out of your depth then im sure they can move you around anyhow.

JonnyB’ is in the same predicament! just tag along with him

er, not quite mate, i knew what i signed up for!

incidentally, subject says ‘monday’ 18th?

Time Temp Rain Cloud Wind Weather
9:00 7 °c 0.2 mm 100 % 6 mph
12:00 11 °c 0.2 mm 95 % 8 mph
15:00 11 °c 0 mm 91 % 7 mph

Depends which weather site you go to, but looking relatively good - bring it on!!!

Spoke to Hottrax and moved down to Nov / Inter. Done a shed load of trackdays, and happy at inters, but don’t want my first 2007 TD to be mixing it with the ACU mob when I’m well rusty.

I’m thinking that if the ACU group is already full there will be an overspill of ACU riders in the inters/fast , so prob a good call i reckon!

Lokking good for tomorrow…