Brands Indy, March 5th

Anyone from here going?

I’m booking this on Monday morning. I’ll be the one in the novice group on the blue and black R1 with the LB stickers!

cool! I’ll be wobbling around in inters on a very quiet (seriously) 998 in the morning and a barking-mental 749R in the afternoon. First time on them both - the 998 has been rebuilt over the winter and is completely different and the 749 is new (to me).

Pop over and say hi!

Nice one, I’ll keep an eye out for you :slight_smile:

im going to come up and watch for a while

cool - pop in and say hi. We’ll be in a garage with a Solo Corse van outside and a Ducati Race Support van close by. When you’ve got an old Ducati, you need friends :smiley:

yeah and lots of money too:D:D

ill pop up after 10 and come and say hello should be able to find you with all the team support:D hopefully you wont need it :wink:

hope you guys had a good day i couldn’t get up there in the end:angry:

that’s a shame. I had a great day. I took my 998S and 749R down. First time for the S (asbo) since it was rebuilt over the winter and first time period for the 749R (babyR).

Asbo was awesome. I did all the morning sessions on it and felt comfortable all the time. 153 at the wheel (135 at 8,000, 153 at 9k all the way to the limiter at 12,500 - don’t need to go higher) never felt so easy. I had a steering problem on the bike last year, which was fixed over the winter and the turn-in was so different - easy, comfortable.

BabyR is all about corner speed. It’s got a 141rwhp suspersports engine with an almost vertical power curve. I only did two sessions on it, the first interrupted by a mis-fire (old fuel or blocked filter), the second was too late in the day and too cold to go balls out.

A mate who races DesmoDue (600cc aircooled monsters and supersports) - 50bhp - was all over me in the corners but asbo and I just f*cked off down the straights.

Just need more track time now.