Brands Indy - Focused Events - £119 - 11th May

I’ve signed up for this a while back, though almost joined Leon on his £99 bargain - but I preferred the 3 groups to 4. I think you get a bit more track time and less interruptions.

Any one else coming along? Seems a good price, and should be awesome if the weather holds!

Very interested in another trackday :w00t:, but will leave booking till nearer the day to checkout the weather forecast :cool:

bollox, i could hae done this, soon…soon thumper2 will grace brands again with her presence and her twin pipes booming towards paddock…i ******* LOVE paddock hill bend!!

Me too … like a rollercoaster … your heart bouncing straight down into your stomach :smiley:

I like druids, nothing like holding up the bike with your knee while going round a hairpin turn. Put a grin on my face every single lap.

Am really tempted with this one. Think I’ll be booking if the weather looks dry;)

ummer, don’t pick mine up until 12th Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Weather looking good… I,m Booked;)

Only ever done a 20 min taster at brans before…cant wait for this one:D

Great stuff, and will be cool to share a garage. I’ve got another mate coming along too.Amazingly there’s still some space, and looking like a nice enough day so far. Maybe a splash of rain.

Another awesome day at Brands. Thankfully the weather held off … just a couple of drops of rain.

Really nice to see Bingo-bongo there too, and my friend Zac’s first real track day - he was amazingly fast on his new RC8.

Still, with a bit of instruction I got a bit faster, more hanging off, and a few knee downs :slight_smile:

A couple of learning points I picked up from the instructor.

  1. having the centre of the ball of the foot on the outer “ball” of the footrest lets you pivot your foot more and helps angle to get knee out and down for leaning off etc. Before now I’ve been keeping my feet locked in tight to prevent toes grinding.

  2. Getting OnYerTriumph to stiffen the suspension didn’t seem to do that much for the bike getting low-down on turns. The instructor was surprised how stiff it was now. He was more into as soft as possible to make sure the bike doesn’t bounce off bumps etc.

  3. Instructor and others were concerned about the rear tyre on my Speed Triple being rather “wide and flat surfaced” being 190mm. This meant I was riding on the “sharp edge” of the tyre at times … to his concern. I’m told a 180mm tyre should be more rounded and better at cornering. The instructor recommended me to get some rounded trackday tyres from Ebay … much more curve than a road tyre, which I didn’t fully appreciate before.

PS - looks like Focused’s photographer is getting arty with the Sepia tones. Not my doing :smiley: