Brands Indy Evening - Monday 30th July

As per the previous thread, I’ve now set up a group booking for this. Attendance list will be below as long as I can keep coming back to edit it!


Stuart Fordyce




Fazer Jay
Andy Cr15

Can count me in please, I would like intermediate group.

Been so long and they promising our summer next week, so hopefully it will last til next monday :smiley:

Do I need to go book it on a particular website, or are you doing a group booking?

Phone them up Kaos and say it 's for the London Bikers group booking. Number you need is 0843 453 3000. They take your details, you don’t need to give me any details or money or go on a website.

I’m doing a day at Snetterton the Sunday before, so probably not up for this but may just come down to say hi and take some pics :slight_smile:

I might come watch again :smiley:

I’ve booked into the novice group last week. So will see you guys there :slight_smile:

Ok I am now booked in with MSV.

Morning everyone, the sun is finally shining at Brands Hatch!

Anyone else looking to book a place?

im booked too !! come on people

Booked it today in the novice group.

Hey guys, just spoken to yoyo89833 and he has taken the last Novice space for the evening.

We still have places left in the Int/Adv group :slight_smile:

Any photographer this time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope there will be a photographer, I’d like a shot of me on track or two!

Hopefully there will be…the evening is likely to be fully booked by Monday so Club MSV Photography ‘should’ be there on the day.

Hmmm inters you say…

How much?

£79 before the discount

Will anyone be bringing a tyre pump to check/adjust pressures? I was looking at buying one but dont know if I will be able to get one ordered in time.

Should be a guy there.

I might bring a digital one though.

What group are you booked into Blimsa? I’ll add you to the LB list so you’ll count as part of the ten (if we reach it). I can then credit your account with the 10% difference.

We need 4 more Inters/Advanced bookings to hit the ten and get the discount.

I’ve got a topbox so I can bring a tyre gauge and pump along, was planning to anyway. I will be taking the topbox off for the track action mind you, much as charging round with three Givi boxes on does amuse me!