Brands Indy Evening 9th May

Just booked this as the weather looks good, and seems a better way to spend the afternoon than looking for work :stuck_out_tongue:

im booked onto this aswell. What time you getting there?

Should be there around 16.00. :slight_smile:

Come find me guys I’m in garage 7. People were dropping like flies this morning but all calmed down now

Ok, see you in garage #7 this afternoon.

how was it for you guys? I had a little excusion a clearways but all good, kept it rubber side down and rode it off road style through the gravel!!

No damage but felt like a wolly!

Last session was red flagged as someone had what seemed a big off at paddock; hope they were ok.

second session I locked the rear literally about to turn into druids as some guy braked to an almost standstill and I changed down to what I thought was second but was first, ended up pretty sideways and had to just roll a foot into the kitty litter at about 5mph :angry: I ended up looking pretty stupid.

Other than that was a great day, loved the circuit, kept the bike the right way up and was only getting passed by three ex racers that turned up in vans that really shouldn’t have been in novices. Clearly preferred being big fish in little pond rather than the other way round.

One highlight was going round the outside of a brand new blade and ducati 1098 at clearways only for them to blast past me again on the straight, then back round the outside of them at paddock hill bend :slight_smile: think they got the hint after that.

I’m now officially hooked and happy to spunk my savings on track days :cool: