Brands Indy - 7th October - No Limits

A mate has booked a bunch of us at Brands on Sunday 7th October -

I think I’ll be booked in beginners still.

Would love to do this…havent done Brands yet.

Not sure about the weather though, so it might be last min.

Same here… still haven’t decided. Although noticed that inters1 is already fully booked.

I’ve checked my track bike today, needed to charge it’s battery and once I got it started, I found I have quite a bit of water in the exhaust!


I actually think it might be sucking up the rain water sitting in the bellypan. I guess I should drill a small whole in the bottom of it?

damn ur blade is so quiet…

Good you did not get mice in the airbox.

Just booked. Forecast is looking fine.
See you there.

Has that Blade bike been ridden underwater?

No denying Honda build quality there.

Fingers crossed it stays dry

Weather forecast wasn’t looking good at the beginning of the week, but now it’s saying the weekend should be dry :slight_smile: Certainly looks nice out of my window right now, I’ll consider myself lucky and also very happy if it’s like this tomorrow.

I’ll be trying to get the rest of the water out today, I don’t really want to set out on the sighting lap, covering the person behind me with water :blush:

forecast looks good - have joined novice group. yellow 99 cbrf - hope to see some lbers there

PICS/VIDS anyone?

Weather was great. Good day overall.

Haven’t meet any LBers - maybe because I have no idea what are you riding.

i was in blue inters for the afternoon on my little husky and have a vid or 2 from that. will post it up when i’ve edited it as the whole group passed me at least once, so should have some footage of you if anyone else was from here was in that group! :hehe:

I was in blue inters. Cannot wait. Although I was under an impression that everyone passed me too. :slight_smile:

did you go past a red and white husky (supermoto)?

I remember going past a supermoto. Not sure about the colours.

it was probably me! only 2 of us out there and he retired after 1 session with a seized piston! i’ll get the vid sorted this week and you’ll be able to see your moment of glory mate!

I was in yellow inters (second group out) and tbh I didn’t have the best of days.

Rather disappointing there were only 5 sessions. Through my own lack of prep I missed two of those (one for STILL having water collected about the bike, and one for a flat tyre)

This didn’t help the fact that I should really still be in novices until I build my speed back up after my off earlier in the year at Brands. I was clearly too slow for the group and they couldn’t move me down :frowning: I didn’t feel safe trying to use the proper racing line as people were appearing in my line regularly, which made it harder for me to build confidence and speed.

I think I’ll try and avoid Brands Indy. It’s such a small track for them to put that many bikes out on. For example -

That was a reasonably common sight.

LOL…bloody hell Andy, that looks like a free for all!

I am still a track day novice but have noted the same as you… being a novice my head is full of “twist of the wrist”, turn in points, lines, braking points etc etc and want to practice these ontrack to improve my riding and gain speed.

I start the day with the best of intentions (and the organisers say “dont stuff it up the inside of someone on a corner”) so you think you would be safe to turn in when you should, and take the optimum line etc

But as soon as you get on track it all goes to pot, people regually “stuff it up the inside of you” as your about to tip in, which makes you have to take a different (not optimum) line, then you get the litre boys that zoom past you on the straights, then hold you up on the corners, and because of their drive out of the bends leave you again.

I have now taken a new aproach that has made me enjoy these days…I still try and use the right turn in points, braking points etc, but if I experience someone stuffing it up my inside, or holding me up in the corner, I use it as a chance to practice my ability to change lines whilst cornering, or change my braking point.

So now I see the “optimum line” as something that gets me aroudn the corner as fast and as safely as I can in the current conditions.

Now I quite enjoy overtaking people aroudn the outside oncorners, or starting on the outside, and if they come wide, change my line and try for the inside on the corner exit.

I am sure that this will help our on road riding just as much as taking the right line in a corner