Brands Indy - 5th September

Finally got round to booking a day at Brands. Wednesday 5th September. Book with Focused Events

Booked so far…


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come on - you know you wanna

hmmm ment to be taking someone to the airport that day, will have to see if they still need a lift.

point them in the direction of the nearest train station.

hahaha also think its my day for looking after the baby that day so might have to do some sweet talking to the in laws!!!

oh dear, I suggest getting started with flowers and chocolates now!!

Mark booked this one yesterday too, so you’ll have his company.

damn this poxy arm!!! ive missed out on sooooo many trackdays im well gutted

i got physio that day so i cant come any way

Thanks for alerting me to this date guys.I’m flying back from Karachi at the end of this week and I’m not out to Korea till the 8th - so it would be most rude not to get some track time in.

Generaly speaking I’m not a Brands fan - but I had fun there on the superduke a while back - so why not?

Look for the Orange express in the fast group.

Fairings are for HOMOS! :wink:

Do you ride a Superduke with a fairing?!!! :PJust messin good to hear your back but shame you weren’t out with me and B yesterday coulda been a chuckle.

Come on Afro book it! would be great to have you there, and hopefully not go through the kitty litter this time :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess we need a plan now!!

Melda - do you know the way to Brands?

I’m booked in this one too!

Guess I’ll look out for the LB stickers so I can bug you with my charming presence! :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you guys!

We look forward to being charmed Mike :hehe:

Sherrie, yes I know the way, would you like to meet up and ride together? it’s down my end, so you may have to ride past my house to catch the A20.

cool, let me know what time to meet you and where?

Sherrie, PM sent.

I might come and watch for a while.

That’s great mad! you’ll have company too, I’ve also got a mate coming to watch.

No - but sometimes I take the GSXR out on Sundays when I go by the name of Susan. It would have been fun to get out with you and B; we’ve not shared a track for ages now.