Brands Indy 30th April - with No Limits?

I was gonna do the 22nd at Snett, but it looks like it’ll be moist. I may have a spare slot in inters (and van space) but wont know for sure until next week.
Anyone going?

I’ll be there Rory :wink:

See you there


Cool, Neil. Still on your R6, yeah?

Booked! see you there guys:) I’ll be on a Black new shape Fireblade in the ‘fast’ group.

Aparrently novice and inters is now fully booked but there are still spaces in the fast group.

yep…Still on R6 :cool:

Will that be a road bike, B?? Are you offering suspension guru advice? :smiley:

My road bike is easy to spot on track…the headlight is on and the brake light works.

I’ll be happy to help you guys where I can and certainly cast a quick eye over your setup.

You can join us in a garage hopefully. One of the lads always gets there very early to secure one and has the kettle boiled for when we arrive:)

What tyres do you use B?

I have used Raceteks but I am now going to try Conti RaceAttacks…

Have you tried the contis? Any view good/bad?

Both tyres are better than me but looking for something that’ll give me confidence to try to close the gap to Rory :wink:

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT’s, Neil :wink:
Or go for the Power 3’s! I’m rolling a P3 front at the minute and its sharp

Bear in mind Racetec’s work best at higher temperatures to a road biased tyre so if you’re in the novice group and it’s a cold day you will more than likely have reduced grip and unless you have warmers the first few laps will have to be cautious to get them working well.

I’ll use any sport or track focused tyre but just ride accordingly. Tyres now are just so good especially compared to what I used to ride in 1904 :w00t: I haven’t tried the conti’s but am a fan of the Michelin 2ct’s as well.

They work superbly wet or dry road or track which is a big benefit with our weather. So you won’t have to worry about changing wheels etc and can concentrate on riding the bike and improving your skills…then be quicker than Unluckysaxon:P


The Conti’s are a good tyre a few have started using them at race meets and have been impressed with the feel they get back. Once worn in a bit they do move about a little but nothing you can’t control or feel.
When i say worn in i refer to a couple of weekends of club racing. So you should be fine.

Pressures are slightly different to the Pirelli Super Corsa’s but only by a couple of psi so nothing major.

I can’t make this unfortunately as i will only have just come back from Snetterton and will be off to Silverstone a week after so money is tight.

Have fun though and keep it upright :wink:

RaceAttacks are getting rave reviews on trackdayriders forum from the faster guys. Apparently these were designed by very same people who designed Racetecs so feel and grip levels should be similar.

I’m at brands for the evening session on the 30th… looking forward to it :slight_smile:

My buddy doesn’t look like he can 100% make it, so I’ve decided to offer up his spot in intermediates group 2. If anyone is interested, or know anyone who is; PM me for details - face value £99

Rory…I might have a mate interested…He tried but couldn’t get booked so would probably be handy.

Still available?

its provisionally sold already :w00t: You’re next in line, Neil! :ermm:

Sold! Sorry, Neil :frowning:

No probs…still see you there :cool: