Brands Indy 29th June

With No Limits and only £119, 4 groups. I’m booked on. Any new or old faces welcome, be a pleasure to see you.

Hi there mate! long time :slight_smile:

would love to join you, but this being a weekday - too expensive for me :smiley:

Also have to save up for some GSXR parts :wink:

Hey Elad, sorry for the late reply I’ve been away for a few days.

Pity you couldn’t make it mate. There will be other days and I’ll post up, need to blow the cobwebs out.

Yes Brands can be pricey but it has it’s advantages being just an hour down the road.

Hope you’re patched up ok, err I mean the bike;)

Pop into the workshop and I’ll give it a look over if it’s a bucking bronco:)

Have put in for days leave, so fingers crossed I’ll be along :slight_smile:

just requested holiday!

hopefully my shoulder will be OK in time to get out for this one. Been looking for an excuse to go too brands indy but didnt have one until I got a call yesterday!

Getwdz, that’s a real blast from the past, it’s a few years since I’ve seen you on track. Welcome back!

Nice on Deano, you know it will be a good day.

Bloody arse!! Can’t get day off work - Gonna have to be another time Grrrrrrrr!!!

There’s always next time… Not sure when that will be for me due to laziness.

No prob B - Bike still off the road, have to find the cash to repair it…Reckon should be OK though, but know where to bring it otherwise :slight_smile:

A week to go and there are still spaces, well there was last time I looked.

So come on down!

I’m very tempted … just got to get the day off work.

Got some crash-bungs on my Honda Hornet, but might treat myself to a rental if they do them :slight_smile:

Guess I need to get a back protector too… ?



Are you guys riding there or taking the bikes in the van?

I was about to ask the same thing! I’m ringing Focused trackdays Monday and will book if spaces.

My day off next tuesday!:smiley:

i was potentially up for this one, my r1 had other ideas

hope to see you soon fella, its been a while. might bring my girlfriend’s bike round for you to work your magic at some point

JB, long time mate, sorry to hear about your R1, would have been good to catch up with the LB old school trackdayers. No problem if you want a set up or if you’re near the workshop in Twickenham give me a shout and pop in for a brew.

Rusty, how’s it going mate? There’s a few bikes in my van but some lads are riding down who live locally. So should be able to tag along.

Zander, definitely wear a back protector. I think I’ve got a spare here if you want to borrow one.

Jewell, don’t book up with Focused…this one’s with No-Limits.:wink:

Sorted, I’m booked up :smiley:

Me too:D

I hope the sun is out and you all have a lovely time.

Jewell - if you’re nice to B, and don’t laugh at his knitware, he may look at your setup for you - Bs pretty good at that type of thing.

Sweet, I did see his linky and heard “workshop”, being a professor in common sense, I put the 2 and 2 together and Pm’d him…If its not sunny, I’m blaming you pete.

It’s horrid here. 30+ and really humid. I’m soaked in my own sweat before I’ve even got through the shipyard.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy Brands, I really rate the indie circuit.