Brands Indy 28th October with MSV £65

End of season trackday, well for me at least. It’s a bargain!

Let’s get a good bunch from LB for a great day out. I’m reminiscing of the good old LB Trackdays…well except when Afro went into Paddock Hill gravel trap head first (sorry mate!).

For those concerned, yes he was ok:)

Thats a decent price :satisfied:

Absolutely! £10.83 per session:)

Haha trust you to work it out that way.

Is Les going?

Les is booked along with his harem of bikes. His SV may well be making an appearance too…and it needs your company;)

Very tempted but won’t be making a decision till Monday. Need to see how things go this weekend at brands first :wink:

Best of luck for Brands mate! Unfortunately I can’t make it there but I’ll be cheering you on in spirit from Silverstone BSB:)

Thanks B

Enjoy silverstone I hope Sam goes well.

Hi B

Ill be joining you guys with the CBR for this one.

I take it you’re all in the fast group?

Does not show 28th on the Calendar… does that mean it’s full?

It’s still on their website and there are spaces available in all groups. :slight_smile:

You’re the first to sign up from LB but I’m sure there will be more. Normally the majority are in the Inters and a few others in the novice group.

Bear in mind there are two inters groups but you can always request to be moved up or down a group to be with friends or if you want to up your pace.

There may be a few racers joining us but it’s great to have a good mix and all are welcome. It’s all about having a good fun day out on and off track.:slight_smile:

Looking at the Novice group of course… want to get the blade on track and “try” and get rid of those chicken strips on the outside without using scissors !! :hehe:

You’ll soon cook those chicken strips Amit! Have you done a trackday before?

I could be tempted back for this one. :slight_smile:


Only 3 taster sessions.

Gagging for my 1st proper one !!

I need someone to keep me company in the fast group! Hope I can lure you out of retirement:)

You’ve done the the tasters! Got the bug! You’re more than ready to go in my book:)

MSV are very good with looking after new trackday riders and offer briefings and advice on the day…so will I if you need it, just ask. There’s no such thing as a stupid question if it puts your mind at rest so you can concentrate on the job in hand.

I’m booked in :wink:

Nice one PJ! Will you be on the SV or Panigale?