Brands Indy 27th March with MSV

I am booked onto this if anyone else is up for it? On a Thursday :cool:

£109… get involved!!!

27th is a Tuesday, not a Thursday :wink:

I’ll be there holding people up in novices on my supermoto :blush:

I should be free that day so will probably come over and watch for a while 'cause the Beginners is FULL…

PM me your mobile number so I can find you there !


What a day for it :smiley:

Had an awesome day. Impressed with msv’s organisation, and although the ktm 520 is too small even for this track, i had good fun and confidence was growing. Next time the SD will come along :slight_smile:

I came over at 12:45. Walked along the pits a few times to see if I could recognise anyone… No luck, but what a day to be on a track…

Apparently MSV are inspecting leathers and only accepting people on track with 1 piece leathers.