Brands indy 26th April

A few of us are going. Anyone from here?

NoLimits, £105

I could only get half day off work, so i’m doing the evening only.I’ll be on a Black & Silver CBR600RR05.

I grown a bit since this was taken as you can see below :slight_smile:

im doing silverstone that day :D:D:D

How did it go?

Any pics? Vids?

no pics from Brands yet. Took the 'berg and had a real blast. The day was run with four groups doing 15 minutes each - 12 or so minutes on track once the marshalls had got everyone in and out.

Weather was good - no rain but it threatened a few times. A few sunny sessions. Seemed to be lots of crashes in most groups - one poor guy went down on the exit from Druids and took out a buddy on his beautiful 748R (he was doing his first TD since coming off at Druids last year). No damage to him, but the bike broke the water pump housing and impeller, so some financial grief. My mate Sean from Ducati Race Support is helping him out - took the bike back and is fixing it.

There were two intermediate groups: the first had fewer riders but was VERY quick. The NoLimits instructors were out to play and just went where they wanted - incredible riders. I chased one on his CB500 for ages but got stuck in traffic - bloody sushi getting in the way :smiley:

The 'berg was fun - on cut slicks, raised the gearing plenty from last time and put a rev counter on for the straights and noise testing. We got a lot of wtf looks in the pitlane for the first couple of sessions, but since few guys passed and many were passed, none by the afternoon! Got it’s own little husaberg fan club by the afternoon with plenty of people coming over to talk about it. Did a few sneaky overtakes around Druids and Clearways, but the marshalls put a ‘No Close Passing’ sign out after I took a tighter exit from Druids and stuffed it up the inside of a Kwak to take him before Graham Hill - close my arse - only close because the guy swung across the track.

Missed one session completely because I couldn’t kick the bike into life (red flagged anyway) but got a round of applause the next session by starting it first kick :smiley:

Absolutely crackered. And as stiff as a teenager on viagra.

Sounds like you had an amazing time, the berg is making some waves and winning people over.

Sorry to hear about the guy on the Duke, first TD after coming off last year … feel bad for him. When I hear about stuff like that I start thinking about trackday insurance … you never know who might take you out.

Good post Jerry.

yeah, thanks mate - I like the little 'berg.

998 next tho - maybe on the GP circuit in May.

I was there in the evening in the novice/inter group. This was my 3rd ever TD at Brands (1 with MSV & 1 with FE’s) and both been the evening ones that i’ve done, my last one being in July 09.So I took the steady,stead, walk before you run approach, 3 guys in my group took a trip either into the cat litter, slide down the track or both :w00t:

1 was at clearways (lost the rear), 1 was at Paddock Hill (ran straight on) and the other was just after Graham hill/Cooper straight (poss high side, cold tyre on the left)

All pictures taken by Peter Wileman;

In the Inter/Fast group I think it was 2 who both tried to out brake each other and ran on at Paddock Hill.

As said by others, the No Limits team were great and very relaxed and I would use them again.

I had one of my brothers cameras strapped to my crash bung which i’ll upload later so you can all give me some pointers!

Video of my 3rd session, we all got call back in because someone stacked it.

Looking good there! It’s a real shame when people go down - have to be really careful.

The guy ‘on’ the ktm will have some great pics to look at when he’s old and grey!

Just overtaken one…

Just overtaken two :D:

I think this one is where I realised that using the footpegs was a bad plan and just getting in the way:

Some good pictures there, I bet that bike would fly around Lydden!

Looking good, Jerry!

I must come and see that bike in the flesh. Shame it’s not road legal :cool:

thanks guys - it’s an awesome bit of kit and fantastic value!

I got it because I wanted a bike to track over the winter or in low traction conditions. I chose this one because my ducati buddies recommended them as a good way to learn how to maintain corner speed and learn control.

Dries, you should def have a spin - on track tho :smiley:

What year / model is the berg?

I used to love 'em back when I raced superM, they used to be dead moody though so I had a nice little CRF.

it’s a bitza - '06 motor, so it has an oil pump - custom strengthened frame and the rest was ‘lying around’ in Dave Clarkes workshop.

The motor has a high-compression piston, race cam, gas-flowed head with bigger valves, blueprinted, slipper clutch

It was Chris Babbitts race bike for three seasons, but he finds it harder to turn in than the 550 due to the longer stroke. Seems ok to me :smiley:

Chris says not to run it at max revs - 9,500 - for long as that blows the engine. I’ve increased the gearing and added a rev-counter so I can keep the motor around 8 on the straights.

I was there! Only just spotted this thread.

I took my SZR660 single cylinder, I spotted you on the 'Berg at noise testing. I was hoping we’d be in the same group, as two big singles sound great running around together :smiley:

It turned out to be a good day despite changing to 4 groups and the threat of rain, and only having 40bhp!! :hehe: