Brands Indy 25th Jan - Novice grp

Anyone else joining?

Any tips?

I got a tip. Try doing this when it’s warmer…
It won’t be nice and you might crash your bike…

Tks, thought it might be a bit chilled. But they include a hot drink in the winter package :slight_smile:

I kinda thought - i’d avoid the high season crowds and be less embarrasing on the track come summer…

Tips, keep warm, relax and no your not Valentino Rossi so ride the track at a comfortable speed to start with. No point going out in the first session to meet the gravel. Ease yourself into the day and you should, if the weather is kind, see your speed increase. Be smooth on the throttle and also on the brakes. Riding in winter is ok if you can keep the bike stable, no sudden movements with either and you will be fine.

Oh and try and enjoy it :slight_smile:

Thanks PJ! Will remember and praying for the weather now…

Hey Igo, what tyres are you running for this day? PJ is dead on with these matters, but only the brave or prepared book out of season! :smiley:
Look after March for posts from myself and others, and come along then as well, and you’ll not look out of place on any track as its always novice friendly.

Hi, Metzeler Sportec M3, relatively new with fresh chicken feet. What else would you see essential? Any checks before leaving home?

Don’t worry about the weather Brands can be brilliant in the wet. have a good day. :slight_smile:


  • Without doubt watch Twist of the wrist 2. It gave me a complete new look at riding despite its obvious track bias. It will explain why that death grip and target perception in particular are your enemies.
  • Make sure you’re keeping warm as the facilities aren’t the best despite its world status (I’d say stick yourself in with a bunch with a portable heater). Pinlock fitted in your lid with a breath guard. Bring your documentation down with you and make sure its waterproofed in some way (should it rain on your way).
  • Food, bring some small protein/energy based foods or fruits and electrolyte drinks. Hot tea and coffee is usually available depending on the organiser.
  • Be inquisitive; dont feel as like you’re burdening the instructors/organisers. Ask their advice and opinion. The same goes with bike set up… Which leads me to


  • Tyre set up; ask the tyre guy what kind of pressures you should be running as this is an opinion mine field so find out from everyone and form your best judgement. Warm up the tyres properly. Best way is accelerating and braking when on the fattest part of the tyre, so get a feel for where you can do this.
  • Spares; worst can happen, so if you have some, take them + tools. Anything you dont have can usually be found at the circuit if you’re lucky.
  • Suspension; its worthy getting your bike set up. Will cost around the £50 mark, and usually you’ll be talked through the process.
  • Arrive fully fueled. Theres a station about 300 metres down as you turn left out of Brands.
  • Make sure everything is attached properly and your machine is in good nick (pads, fluids, etc)

Hope all that helps, enjoy it!

Great checklist and guidance, thank you!

watch out for the rear end sliding out on you on “Paddock Hill Bend” cold/wet tyres and you slide out. If you’re lucky and catch it then you’re heading for the gravel. The first left hander catches most out too

I would book instruction for a couple of sessions if offered. I found this invaluable. One in the morning and one early afternoon would give you the chance to put into practice what the instructor has pointed out. May want to try Druids bend in 2nd.
Have a great day. You will love it!


I take it in 3rd on the SV650.

Don’t worry yourself about what gear to be in to start with just get round and familiarize yourself with the track and conditions. You will soon sort the gears out depending on how fast/slow you are going.

Stay smooth and don’t panic and breath!!! :smiley:

Yes breathe! I found racing in the wet hard. I felt that holding my breath for the 20 minutes even harder :smiley:

I was doing the whole track in 3rd - but we were told by the instructor in the info session at lunchtime to take Druids in 2nd as it made it easier.

Anyway, as PJ says, I don’t think the gears are the main thing - but I would recommend a couple of sessions of instruction (the bloke follows you round the track and you also follow him to get his lines) - as it is REALLY helpful.

You’ll have a fantastic day I’m sure!


I would have thought keeping quiet for 20 minutes was harder for you Jaimie :D:D


Enjoy! I was tempted, cheap and a free bacon roll!

Instructors are a great resource, if you get one for a session then make it later in the day once you’ve got to grips with the track, you’ll learn more.

I am thinking about going, but to be honest totally nervous, not sure why. For some reason I think that the bike will slip like it does on the roads. Is it that much more sticky on the track?

It will be slippery. Be extra careful on paddock hill bend!