Brands Indy - 25/11/10

Anyone else heading over?

I could dig out my streetfighter. :slight_smile:
Yes i hope to be doing this if I can get the bike sorted in time. :slight_smile:

is this focused?

MSV. :slight_smile:

thursday or sat?

Im interested.


dry but bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr… perhaps… if i … feel brave :stuck_out_tongue:

how about cadwell tmz instead (focused £65) :D:D …a little warmer… what can i say, i’m a girl hehe

have booked so come say hi if you turn up (asian chick in novice on a black honda cbr 6rr) :w00t:

& here i thought the season was over…

Good luck to the ‘balls of brass’ Brands riders!!!

I may come down the Saturday for one of the “taster sessions”. Hope the superduke doesn’t blow up :doze:

I might head up on sat :wink:
Will know nearer the time :smiley:

If it’s dry - im in! Could to with a day out the office.

And after a weekend of “hard work…”, I now have heated grips! I know - how very macho :smiley:

have you got a new blade yet z?

Nah, still waiting for the insurance monkeys to grind the organ.

I bought an old 99 SRAD 750. Hence why im not too worried about sliding it down the road and polluting the kudos with heated grips! Bargain with only 7000 miles! Bung the Michelin Pures on it and its an awesome little beast.

If the gixxer goes well on thursday, i might keep it as a track bike and get either a 2011 Repsol blade, or MV f4 for posing. :smiley:

Errr… i heard its going to snow on Thursday…???

track days in November lol why would ya do it?

according to metcheck its still down to rain. however weds is forecasted as dry and friday up till midday is forecasted dry. so fingers crossed no snow. im happy with rain or shine though.

as for TD’s in november, don’t see why not. last december i did cadwell. rode up from milton keynes…had a good/wet day and then came back in some pretty heavy rain. still enjoyed myself though. plus wet riding greatly improves riding in the dry IMO.

for me though as im gonna be racing next year I need to get some time done at Brands as i’ve never been there. plus racing in the rain is always a possibility so need to get the hours in on wets.

think im gunna give it a miss, still have not fixed the caliper bolt properly but more to the point its far to cold and a track day in the rain/snow when its this cold is not appealing plus gotta save some money for xmas!

Have fun it u go, you will love brands its the nuts, best track i have been to… simplez!

Coolio Rixxy.

According to metchck this morning it’s now set to be dry all day (apparently today is the same, and looking out of my window its blue skies and subshine!).

So whose definitely gonna be there, I’m all booked. I’ll be on a R6 with dark fairings (and body filler!), white leathers with ‘vala’ on back.