Brands Indy 24th August with No Limits,

Not a bad deal for only £109! I’m booked and the more the merrier!

Riders booked so far:


B Kaos Scorch

PJ Frogga Les(from workshop)

yoyo Danie


Second day of a mini-pupillage for me so no can do. That is why I booked the indy evening the week later :smiley:

Motopup, it will be a treat to hear/see you going round Brands on the RSVR…even more of a treat with me on it! Just to make sure it slices through the turns ok;)

kaos, good luck with the studies! If you need a pre trackday bike check let me know.

If anyone else is interested please shout, I mean post up…I haven’t been out on track much lately so make the most of it boys and girls!

Yeah I’ll book this if there’s a novice group…

Grand! Yes there is a novice group. All levels of ability welcome and help and advice available if needed.

I know a few tricks as well!

Yeah you did the suspension on my ninja not so long ago… :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will be dry that day!

You need to PM the bank of Mel for my permission to enter this glorious day with Sir B.

Ill waver the usual £20 donation for you having a go.

Hopefully PJ might join us…1199 would also be a treat…

Mel can have a day out too, she’d be very welcome. Your bike is made for track fun, money well spent in my eyes and an investment in your riding skills…honest! Not to worry if you can’t make it, there’s always another time.

On the plus side if you don’t turn up my bike won’t feel so dated. Unfortunately an 08 Blade does now feel a generation behind the new RSV,BMW1000RR and Panigali.

I just booked in the intermediate group, having realised my reading skills are rudimentary at best and that this is the 24th of August and not July as I first thought.

Got a warm up evening on the 30th July just to get back into things and then on for a full day of fun on the 24th.

I will see how things go this weekend after my races at Brands and go from there.

If i do decide to join you it will more than likely be on the SV though, its more fun chasing down bigger bhp bikes on something with just 71bhp lol

haha PJ you pussy

Come and play in the fast group and show me round fella, we’ll see how much of a pussy i am :wink:

its been a while since i`ve been on track with the legend that is B. il book up next week :wink:

er yeah…er…ok…errr…not this time…would be embarrasing…for me!

pj any chance of you giving B a shot on the duke see how a pro can really ride :wink:

ouch ^^^^

There could be a possibility of that but seeing as it has a db rating of 105 it’s not likely to get a chance on track until the circuits approve it. They pass a rideby sound level just not the static one:Whistling:

i meant no disrespect by this ive seen B ride and hes absolutly amazing sliding an 04 R1 out of druids was one of my favourite moments on track

it was more the dig at PJ hahaha

The RSV4 standard can is LOUD let alone the AR pipe