Brands Indy 1st March £79 with No Limits

Anyone else taking their chances?

Booked today…

Top man, see you there then :smiley:

will be up for it if weather is decent

… But if its not, its only £79. It’ll probably go up nearer the time this link presents cold, hard FACT!

Take some wets, Can always get them swaped if only one set of wheels :hehe:

How will I recognise you, cracker?

Unluckysaxon (26/02/2013)

How will I recognise you, cracker?[/quote

I will be the one making you look like your riding a Pooch Maxi… Whilst pulling a funny face passing you round druids!!

Doubt we’ll be in the same group then :wink:



Only issue is that I am at a stag do… maybe next time

What group are you in… Im in the fast group, Will you be on your R6 blue…

Yes, I’ll be on my blue R6. I’m in the slo-mo group with mates on a grey R1, a tracked blue GSXR '01 and a fish looking Kwaka thing.

Oh bummer… Shame I thought you squadie boy had balls…

I have balls, plenty of them. Alas, its the first trackday of the year, on a ROAD bike with ROAD tyres that I need to RIDE home! :smiley:

Your gonna have to ride around Mr oh ****, I forgot to put my sump plug in so I’ll dump oil everywhere… but nah fair enough its your choice and your bike at the end of the day… What tyres have you got…

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT’s - They’re really decent and have done me good in the wet at Snetterton and the dry at Brands last year

Good tyres, You wont have any traction issue’s, 3 laps then go bollocko…

Ahh yeah! I’ve bags of confidence in them, just kinda feel like hanging with my buddies when maybe I should be in inters. Though as I said, its the first one, and I’d need to ride home :w00t:

So you’ll have to come hunt a brother out, as you’ve provided no description of yourself. Maybe you should decorate your paddock with internet pics! :smiley: