Brands INDY 14 April Day

Confirmed Bookers:

LewisR6 - R6 or Blade (please mel! :smiley: )
Busa55 - Whatever he buys the week before
Jefro - Duc 916
James (not on LB yet) - Virgin R6
James Marshall (not on LB yet) R1
Elad - Be great to meet you! GSXR/DUC Hybrid
Duncmac - on? - join us if you want mate!
Med_z6 + 5 -Come say hello!
uy3n - cbr600rr
Chris - Black GSXR750
kato - cbr600f - I’m joining your garage

Roger dingo.

That will be with Focused Events then at £139

I will have to look into my expenditure for April i guess, but i would be interested;)

yes thats the one… There are already some other Lb’ers going. Maybe they would be kind enough to stick their names on this thread so people can see who’s booked on :slight_smile:

i might be up for this, let me speak to the powers that are, i love doing brands evening sessions there great and such good value!

Its a daytime trackday not just an evening session :slight_smile:

********. My girls b-day the day before. I might **** her sister and hopefully that will get me out of going away.

LewisR6 (27/01/2011)

Booked. :smiley:

Confirmed Bookers:

LewisR6 - R6 or Blade (please mel! :smiley: )

Busa55 - cruiser

Jefro - Duc 916
James (not on LB yet) - Virgin R6


Excuse me! but when did the Super Blackbird become a cruiser??

Busa55 (28/01/2011)

Will they have the new Chrono set up there then…? It says they have it on the 5th April… im really interested to try that.

Chrono is not at Brands 14th. I believe another circuit the day before etc.

Chrono sounds good though! Shame its not there for us.

We will just have to have someone hanging over the pit wall with a stop watch! :hehe:

It does sound good - although a stopwatch is great :hehe:

im interested in the chrono as FE use it to shuffle the groups around. I never know which group to go in so I always go for the novice as i dont want to p1ss people off - however, i then get stuck behind people in the novice group as i dont want to cut them up… but then i get cut up by some track hero who really should be in the faster groups…

and thats home my days go!

SNAP :smiley:

Mel will be ready with clip board and stop watch!

Can I just seriously point out that continuously timing a novice will normally lead to him binning it. Yeah have a gauge and time a few but it’s only a trackday.

Sorry, one of the few things you are not allowed to do on a trackday, every briefing will tell you that…

Hang over pit wall? (obvious) or stop watch? Didnt hear it at my briefings, maybe i didnt listen. :hehe:

Don’t think it is part of the briefing, but it is in Brands Hatch terms & conditions:cool:

hahahaha, ok hands up if you’ve been sad (or bored) enough to read the terms and conditions? :D:D


I would not be happy riding on track with a novice being timed every lap, plus if the Brands officials see you, you will be asked to leave the circuit.

Like Jewel said, its only a track day, enjoy it for what it is, BLOODY GOOD FUN:w00t:;):slight_smile: