Brands Hatch

Hey all,

Just booking up my Brands tickets for race day Monday, does anyone know which of the below would be the best place to sit my buttocks all day?.. It’s the Indy Circuit.

Paddock Hill Grandstand

Pit Straight Grandstand

Desire Wilson Grandstand



Right at the top of Paddock Hill grandstand will give you the best view of the whole Indy Circuit, but you will have to get there early and get your towels down…

Only problem is if the weather is crap you WILL get wet and cold, so dress accordingly.

To be honest I just move around.

Me and Ali-cat will be there on Monday.

You are best moving arounf then having a grandstand seat - I like it up between Clearways and pit staright, and also get close to the action over the bridge at druids.

I will be there on Monday.

In the Kentagon :smiley:

I alwys sit at Paddock hill bend.