Brands Hatch

28th Jan £59.00. Booked Advanced. :slight_smile:

Just sent my forks off to Gareth at Reactive suspension for a strip down, clean and refresh for the upcoming year! :smiley:

If I get them back in time and get them fitted, i’m up for it.

i might just see you there:)

You guys are brave, love it :slight_smile:

I did Brands that time last year - once the frost had gone had a great day, by the afternoon track was good.

wish i could mark buy im stuck in florida :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s being resurfaced as I type

Can you see it from your house. :slight_smile:

no ive moved now

suzukisi you must get the free paddock tickets every year

I wished but you have to live in the golden

Mmmmmmm fresh tarmac and possible rain, thats going to be interesting to ride on.

Take care guys.

have fun brave one

ollox i booked friday off to go and watch this DUH , saying that mark will prob still be going round on friday :slight_smile:

Can’t you change your day… oh Mr Sharp Tool in the Box :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

how was the trackday today? thinking of booking for this saturday

Its like dancing on ice. :smiley:

The new surface starts at the bottom of Cooper Straight, runs right around the Clearways section and ends just before the main straight. This area is the worse bit as you don’t have enough grip to hold your line and end up really wide onto the Brabham Straight. If you’re into drifting and wheel spins you will love it. :slight_smile:

There is another new section at the end of the Brabham Straight just where you need to scrub off speed for Paddock Hill, I was braking early to get the speed down before this.

The bottom of Paddock Hill still has the patchwork quilt look, and the top of Druids still has all the grooves cut in it.

The track was wet all morning, I did four very gentle sessions. I have some footage I will try to put on youtube. :slight_smile:

ah. bugger that then. Mallory Park on sunday seems the option for me now. i’ll post a thread and see if anyone else is going.

Some very gentle laps on the new surface, it gives you an idea of the track.

Bit weird they have only done half of it…not sure why they left druids and only did a little with paddock…

But clearways looks nice now… :slight_smile: