Brands hatch Wednesday 11th

I’m at brands Indy on wednesday 11th Aug if Anyones going pop in and say hello.

White Gsxr 750srad red vw van…

I could be up for this. :slight_smile:

Darn … I’m on holiday, or I’d join you. Bl**dy holidays! :stuck_out_tongue:

Really… :pinch: (That was to Mark not you Zander lol)

Cool mark, Days almost full last time I checked but sure they can squeeze one on…

I agreed to share my bike with a pal, newb to track days so got everything crossed he don’t lunch it in the first session. Taking all the spares I’ve got just incase lol …

They are re tarmacing the rest of the Indy on Monday and Tuesday hope it’s finished in time .

Really? Cutting it fine to run a trackday if it goes wrong…

BSB this weekend so they’re busy at brands…

I was quite interested till that post.

Will knobblies fit on a gsxr… ?

Do you know which part they are resurfacing? It might be the GP back section so this wouldn’t effect you guys?

All i know is what i have been told and that it is parts of the Indy that didnt get done when they done some of it last winter. Which i remember as being slippy as feck in conjuction with the freezing temps. I wouldnt of booked it if i had known but it is what it is, i have cut me old bike out of the undergrowth in the garden ,put some electricity in her so it’s just a matter of making the most of it. Pete not taking the p1ss but the bloke bottom left could be your double ?

LOL - maybe a few years ago - but my days of taking 2 bottles into the shower ended a few years ago with a razor.

The second one was knocked up by the fellas.




Very good LOL

I’am not going to make this need to give my ribs a bit longer to recover. Have a good day. :slight_smile:

The new tarmac was great , had a couple of sessions with Simon Crafar and cant say enough good things about him an awesome day .

Glad you had fun - I had a couple of reports that Druids was rather slippery.

Hi Gabs was first thing under the trees on the exit and it was hard to see the damp patches due to the dark new tarmac, once the sun got on the area no problems .

Glad you had a good day. I was out of the door at 0430 to catch a early flight to Bologna. I noted that the damp from the overnight rain was already drying. As I drove to Stanstead and looked up at the clear sky and emerging sun I thought “what a nice day to at Brands.”

I doubt if it will be long before you have a go on the new surface Pete

Bergy I didn’t know you were there! Would of made an effort to Find you and say hello!

I was on a White 750 srad group 3.

What were you riding? Group?

New Tarmac was lovely Druids and graham hill, Dor the first time in ages I felt good down paddock! still got bumps onto the start finish…

I Took a friend on his first trackday And he shared my bike, I did wonder what I’d done after I’d offered!! He got his knee down and didn’t bin my bike so a successful day for him!