Brands Hatch - Wed 27th June

Just in case anyone else is thinking about it, I’ve had confirmation, I’m in a group booking with work. This will be my first full day on a track :slight_smile:

Hey Andy…I booked up a while ago to do this with my Uncle so will try to meet you then :cool:

Fingers crossed for dry weather


Cool :slight_smile: Yeah, would you be in the novice or inters?


I take it you’ll be in Novice too as it is your first trackday???

Well, this will be my third time on the track (2 half days coming up) but yeah, will be in novice.

Snetterton was wicked today so can’t wait get to Brands :cool:

Did snet yesteday, love that track! :slight_smile:

Andy, why not do Brands Hatch GP one with NoLimit at 12th of June?:slight_smile:

Can’t make that date if I wanted… stock take at work. :frowning:

ah…GP one will be so FUN!

Very sorry AndyCr15 but I completely forgot to look out for you :blush:

Did you have a good day?

It was brilliant from my angle…Really enjoyed myself. I hired a 600 Ninja which was a very competent bike even if the rider was not :blush:

I ordered some pics but have not got them yet.

Weather held out lovely to didn’t it…A couple of spots in the second to last session but I had had enough by then anyway.

Anyway…hope you had a good day.