Brands hatch thursday 22nd March 2012

I think im going to book myself in for Brands hatch thursday 22nd March 2012

only my 2nd trackday so novice group

wil be going solo- if any lbers going, mauybe i can say hi and maybe get some tips!

Humm tempting, but already got plans that day :frowning:

Is this your second one at Brands, or first time at Brands?

£99 - not a bad price for Brands. Gets pricier later in the year.

Not tried that company before, would be interesting to know what they’re like.

i would have joined in too but im doing brands on the following monday with focused!

I think they emerged after hottrax UK went under. From what ive heard they are not bad and do some pretty good special offers.

Yeah they seemed to have some nice Northern France type offers going, £200 for a whole weekend or something… Although I did not know that Hottrax had gone under…but guess the market is quite crowded now…

Will be my 1st time at Brands - previous was snetterton (old style track). Going to read up on the corners!

I will be on that one mate :cool:

Nice one Leon,

I met you at the LB day you organised at brands last year. I’ll look out for you. What bike are you on now?

Darn … Monday 26th is Full. This one does sound a good deal though.

Anyone seen or interested in the Focused / TV channel event on 12th April? Might be fun to turn up for LB etc.

Zander (08/03/2012)

Darn … Monday 26th is Full. This one does sound a good deal though.

Anyone seen or interested in the Focused / TV channel event on 12th April? Might be fun to turn up for LB etc.[/quote]

Everyone above is going on the 22nd?

yeah would be up for the 12th but I am away on holiday… :frowning:

Cool, Brands indy is a great track. Paddock hill (first bend after the start finish straight) is intimidating but an amazing corner when you get it right - just don’t worry, you have loads and loads of braking room before you get to the corner.

All the corners seem easy, but difficult to master - for surtees (the second left after the short straight) peel into the left, but when you straighten up aim for the white line on the right hand side of the track, then peel right into clearways, don’t need to make it into a triple apex, just a double is fine :slight_smile:

Could watch the big boys on the 21st, for a few lines…

BSB Practice

thanks for the info. will try out double apex on surtees

I might join this one too. will wait a bit closer n see weather. but the website doesnt tell if there is still any place left…guess i wil phone up ask…

I have changed due to work committments so now doing the Thursday with MSV for £109… Yeah I remember your totally wrecked front tyre!! ha ha be good to get out again!

No worries,

im planning on getting a in as many as i can so ill post details whenever i book something.

Hoping to make it to cadwell and pembrey in this year.

i think there are places left, otherwise it wouldnt show the option to book online? yep praying for weather like today’s

Me and a few of the lads will there on thursday… stay in contact peeps.


Hi Guys.

I booked myself on the Brands EasyTrack this Thursday. It will be my first track day… (technically my second but the first was like 6 years ago so so far back I can barely remember it now!)

I will be turning up on my Ducati, but I hired one of thier bikes, because at £200 that seemed to good an offer to refuse. Tires cost me more than that these days.

Be good to meet a few of you. I made it to about two of the Borough meets last year, but made a resolution that this year was going to be a year of bikes, so hopefully I will make it along ato a few more of the meets and ride outs…