Brands Hatch this weekend coming.

Are any of our lot going to be racing at Brands Hatch Indy circuit this weekend?

I am working Saturday but aiming to go watch with my son on Sunday. I would like to be able to yell for someone so if you are racing, please post up class and number. I shall try and wander round the paddock as well.

Could be interested in going as well Chuffster!

Sunday warm up starts at 10am. After the classes have warmed up (10 different ones) racing commences and there are 23 races sheduled. I believe Garethruislip should be racing and I reckon he will be in Rookie 600’s. If so, he has 2 races, race 3 and race 14.

Jay, you have my number so if going call me and we can meet up. I shall have my 8 year old in tow, well thats the plan, and hope to be excercising my Nikon D70!

I was thinking of going,as long as the weather is reasonable.Theres a couple of lads in the rookie 600 series in their first season,and its nice to have moral support as well as someone to cheer for.

Apparently the weather forecast is bloody awful. I’ll see on the day, though one thing’s for sure, wet races mean more exciting races!

Good luck mate, cant make it meself but will be down there for definite for first round of BSB’s.

I shall be going over to support Sam Middlemas in rookie 600.

He had a few top tens today.