Brands Hatch Saver £115 with Focussed 14th June

Just booked this with Jonesy. Bookings need to be made by Sunday apparently.

Anyone else around?

That’s a bargain Mister!

big time. bit their hand off

1st td of the year. i’ll be even more pants than last year!

Just booked the afternoon here!

hey rixxy

sorry didn’t see you. my bike went pop just after lunch. dropped it to Rhalf and error code indicates electrical issues, and the starter motor defo isn’t happy

great weather there tho eh?

how did you get on?

What happened Ben? Did it just pack up or did you get some sort of warning before that?

bike was fine for the 4 morning sessions. went out for the first one after lunch and bike seemed sluggish, then failed to build powerparticularly after 10k. came in within a lap and she sounded rough, wouldn’t hold revs on idle. started and then died off the button in the garage. then fired up, rev itself right up so hit the kill switch. wouldn’t start after that. battery is apparently buggered, but not sure if thats cause or effect

Dammit hope the bike gets better, i actually really enjoyed myself as i went with low expectations thinking it would be a bit crap as i heard bad things about evening sessions but i had a great time, its def the best track i have been on loved the big drop made my stomach turn hitting it a 90 each time!

I did a session with Simon Crafar and hes gave me a few good tips but said i was quicker than he expected and then they put me up to the quick group which was what i was really using him for, as i knew i was faster than most in my group but i wanted to make sure i was fast but safe if that makes sense. It was an excellent evening for it.

Im def very impressed with focused as a whole and will be booking in more evening session at brands for sure!

Off to rockingham on friday!!! YAY!:D:D Hope you bike get better!!