Brands Hatch Rideout 29th april


this is the last time I’m going to ask this so far a few people have said have said they would like to go on the ride out.

So on the 29th those who will be attending brands but not going on the track, I’m going to organise a ride out (from brands) at about 10am to return for about 5pm when the BBQ will be happening.

if you are interested please let me know, also any suggestions on places so far have had:-

Rye (just outside hastings) which to be fair is actually a nice place.

Any route suggestions would be appreciated as well as I have never orgainsed a ride out before.

can’t we say leave at 12ish then come back for 5? i’d like to at least see some of the track action…

My friend that is fine by me but we will see what the masses say, I suggested 10 as this way we should see a few groups get out on the track before leaving.

but if everyone would rather leave a little later that is cool mean I get longer in bed anyway

I’m still in :slight_smile: and quite happy to go with the flow:cool:

Nice one on the ride mate, wont be able to make it cos I will be on the track :slight_smile: but just so you know timings, usually the sessions start at 9am, with three groups having 20 mins on track. the first session in the morning is usually a slow follow the instructor session for 3/4 laps then a shorter session to get used to it. the following sessions are then normal.

The first sessions are the ones to watch :D:D:D:D;)

If last time is anything to go by - all the action (crash, bang, whallop) happens early on