Brands Hatch - MRO racing

OK it looks like a few of us are heading to Brands to watch Seb and Gab’s racing today. Weather is looking ok at the mo with clear blue skies but it is cold out.

I think its about £10-£12 to get in but is a great day and you do get to walk about the paddock and pits and get a taste of what its like racing.

Hopefully see a few of you there.

Best of luck to them. It’s raining here :-/

yes, it was at brands too!

thanks for coming to see us - sorry the weather was so pants - hope you enjoyed yourselves anyway :wink:

im going to be getting lazer treatment ASAP…!

sorry i didn’t get there yesterday , i’m affriad i completly forgot …i blame it on age …lol

whens the next one at brands ?

i will write that on my calender …


if you know of anyone who has a cheap second hand 180/55 racetec i’d be really grateful Gabs … :smiley:

I think Seb may have a spare used Racetec. I will ask. Sorry, Keith, will do better :slight_smile: Blame it on my age and senility are sponsoring the next one at Brands in April. It’s the club’s centenary:

Thankyou , that’ll be excellent :smiley:

my number if you want to let me know 07758 739 625