Brands Hatch Indy.

Pictures from todays Brands Indy circuit. What started off wet and slippery ended up being dry and superb! And for me and Si, only 13 miles from home. I do believe we’ll be going alot more. Good to see some fellow MCNNinjas there too. ‘Ninja’ Jon who came with me and Si. Foo, Tonia, Pickled Onion, Tan and Mark giving it large on Brands track. Good day. If we missed out some of u guys in the pictures. Sorry! But we meant well!

Si builds up his energy.

Caption here…

Yello debates the amount of water on track! “Ive only just fixed it…”

Tonia shows the way! Again!!

Foo and the Duke

Tan and the SRAD

The Citrus boys play catch up.

Some of the Fast Group.

Paddock Fun! This thing had a four speed box, modiefied carb and K&N filter! Good for 70mph according to FOO!

Some machinery doing the track.

One for COXY

Part of the group.

The End.

some crackin pictures there mate, all you bastids doin trackdays back home aint makin it easy for me bein out here… iv got serious withdrawl goin on here… theink the NC will have to go to brands or cadwell when i get back

Looks like a good day Yello! Glad you kept it yellow-side up this time Matt, let us know when you’re free in the UK and we’ll try to arrange something!

will do jay, but the way im feeling at the mo, i would gladly pay to do a few laps of hanger lane!!! its gotton that bad… (clutch left, brake right… i think…)