Brands Hatch (Indy) - Monday 9th May

I’ll be here on Monday: Brands Hatch Indy Circuit - it’s through European Superbike School and costs £125 (or £120 if done online). It’s a Pace Day and you’ll get 5 x 25 minute sessions with two groups (Inters/Fast).

(0870) 2415159

Bloody hell Silver, 25 minute sessions, that’s hard work, I strugle with 20 minutes at times! Too short notice for me I’m affraid, but thanks for posting up.

Yeah, I did a day at Donington last summer that had 25 minute sessions and it was roasting hot. We were sweating bucket-loads when we came in and by mid afternoon it was getting harder and harder to keep the concentration up! Don’t think it’ll be too warm on Monday but the reports are showing 12 degrees C and dry (which is the main thing!) at the moment.