Brands Hatch Indy 8th April with No Limits?


I would love to do this, wanting to do track days but need to get myself a bike for it first…
Don’t want to end up in gravel and then that’s my transport for work busted

I think the Novices are all booked up for this date, but quite a few I know do these days on road bikes (including me). If you take it easy, you wont come a cropper! My mate did one on an older VFR with a top box rack and was doing a decent 1:10’s consistently; including a 1:08

yeah I was considering it but I don’t know im just worried about messing it up :pinch:

plus I like the idea of having something to tinker with on my days off :smiley: my bro still has an old CBR 400 NC23 I think it is mite get that off him and make it work not sure if it would be any good as track tho.

Are you on the day one or evening?
A mate if mine is going the evening one and I’m prop poping down after work to have a watch no track riding for me tho

Ah I was during the day, but had to chip off early. Hope you saw enough to be persuaded to get amongst it!

Yeah I did he’s doing the dawn to dusk one on Tuesday is would have done but working :disappointed: