Brands Hatch Indy, 5th April

Anyone going along to this? Me and my Husky are looking forward to baiting some sportsbikes! :smiley:

Sadly no, but love the pic! :slight_smile:

I will be there. It is a Chrono day too isn’t it?

If I cant get the day off for the 14th then I’ll be along, to smoke you on the straights :P:P

ta, was an awesome day when that was taken, was running with wets in the dry but it was sooooo cold they didn’t cook so had masses of grip where the guys with dry tyres were struggling to get any heat into them :smiley:

Cool, yup. Not done one before so will be good to get some feedback on laptimes at the end of the day.

Hahahaha cool :smiley:
I am going in inters, think my laptimes were around 1min4sec in November, was doing the same lap times on my k7 GSX-R750 when I had that in the summer (although was recovering from a broken back and pelvis at the time :$) was really good fun biting all the sports bikes ankles on the corners but yeah, def down on speed on the start/finish straight, was having to back off at about 100-110mph so as to not make my engine go pop lol.

Hope you can make it :smiley:

I don’t think there are groups to start Pete. I think that is what the Chrono is all about, when I booked it didn’t ask what group I wanted to go in.

My very limited understanding is that on the day you give a general idea of how good you think you are what experience you have, you then go out in a rough corresponding group, they take your average time over a couple of sessions and then place you in the group that your timing dictates. ie a group where the time between fastest and slowest is only a few seconds, so that you spend less time on track up someone’s chuff in the corners or stuck behind someone or trying to overtake.

I personally think that we will see more accidents then ever before as people try to get impressive lap times to show their friends, so not sure how good the day will be if it is spent sitting around waiting on yellow and red flags.

ah, when I filled in the online form it asked my experience and gave a check box for “fast” “intermediate” or “novice” so thought that was how they would group us to start with. I think we stay in the initial groups until lunch time then they move us about, so only half the day will be in corrected groupings.

Possibly get more incidents, proof will be in the pudding I guess, I’ll not do another if I feel its likely to get me wiped out by someone trying to punch above their weight, am not a massive fan of FE trackdays anyway but this one fitted with my time off work, No Limits or MSV would get my money by choice normally.

I am more than aware to my skill limitations, I’ll never be a fast group rider I don’t think unless I do way more trackdays than I can currently afford to do. I have to admit tho, I would like to get my laptimes to under 60seconds tho! hahaha :smiley:

I would normally have signed in as novice and expect to be in the slower group, my lap times were 72 average last time I went, on a 600 sportsbike, which while not the first time I had done Brands, was the first full day as I did an evening one before that as a taster.

I am hoping to have improved slightly, as I have spent a lot of time on trying to improve, especially my confidence going into corners, but I won’t be throwing my bike down the track to prove it…

I’m in!

Only 1 space left now i think… and it DID ask me which experience level i was… so hopefully i signed up to the correct day!

I’ve always been in the beginners group (only 4 track days so far…) but i though i would try the Inters this time just to see the difference - i’m sure i’ll get booted out after lunch!

Anyone riding there from South A3 area?

gonna be going up in the van mate.

See you out on track! :smiley:

What you both gonna be riding?

I will be on a matt black GSXR 600.

cool :slight_smile: loved my gixer when I had it :smiley:

Either silver gixxer 750 SRAD or 2011 Repsol blade (havnt decided which one to drop yet…!) :smiley:

I guess if its raining the Gixxer or if its dry and warm, the blade.


im booked onto this now, we picking a garage number? i think Zee might be coming in my van.

I will look for you guys when I get there, says you need to be there by like 7:30am to 8:20am to be prepared for the briefing.

I will aim to get there about 8am’ish.

am bringing tyre warmers so ideally as close a garage to the pit lane exit as poss, I got a Blue Transit with a big sparkly pink star on the side (pony horse box) so will be pretty easy to find, welcome to share garage space with me :slight_smile:

I will be there at 7am, Kaos if you arrive at 8am forget getting garage space!!!

this is my van, if I’m there before ya feel free to garage share, just come say hello :smiley: