Brands Hatch Indy / 10-02-2008


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What fantastic pictures! Real proffessional standard, Are you taking pics this saturday at brands?:cool:

Nice work Clint, great angles and feeling of solitude ! #And that looks like Mr Matt’s Honda 400 black/orange bike is it not?

Redz Thanks man this camera lark is harder than it looks.
I will be down on Sat but mainly snapping pix of a racer friend (Scratcher from LB) for his new website sorry :frowning:

Andrew&7 As always thanks for your comments dude, and respect is due I tried to take the perfect pic of a friend in the fast group DAMN its hard getting that perfect shot and camera set up, how you do it of the BSB guys is beyond me… but not for to long I hope

Think ill go down for the Offical LB Trackday, and see what me and the camera can see.