Brands Hatch GP - Weds 15th

Booked in with Focused Events :smiley: Fingers crossed for the weather :slight_smile:

im booked in on this, so is R6_afc. Come over and say hello!:slight_smile:

I’ll be down to take some photos and chinwag. My boss is coming down as well with his track bike.

I might just ride up to say hello.

I have just booked myself on this. It is my first ever track day :w00t:

If you see someone on a black and blue gixxer looking very nervous that will be me :smiley:

Please come over and say hello and I will look out for you guys.

Excited but also very apprehensive :smiley:

your boss, i wont post who that is but is it …:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

wow what a great place to do your first, i will try arrive early and get a garage and your all welcome to bundle in, i will wear my london bikers hoodie!! look out for a yellow mini towing a trailor!

thought you might like that. Be good to see the bike in person.

See you all there - can’t wait and forecast good - whoohooo:D:D:D

Great track until - but just remember ( as the sign says ), stay ‘focused’ !

weather is looking good…:D:D:D:D

Counting down the hours :slight_smile:

Will look out for you rixxy - good call about the garage.

just packed the car in the rain, hope its dry tomorrow, see you all there, im bringing gaz as my umbrella girl… sorry its the best i could do at short notice… opps “short” notice hahahaha :D:D:D:P

awesome, just awesome day. such a great circuit. loads of crashes and a b*llocking for everyone coz of it but otherwise perfect.

my pic of the day :smiley:



yep mate cracking day, was a bit annoying in the morning, so many people fell off in my group, i think like 11 or 12!!! Mental, but the afternoon session was much better! Nivag me old pal did u get any photos?

What an amazing day - shame about the morning though. There were about 5 off’s in my group.

The GP circuit is such good fun. I am now converted to track days :smiley:

Next year I will be doing a lot more…

welcome to an expensive addiction until - haha did my first one at the begining of the season and now i truely addicted!

gavins pic



another one