Brands Hatch GP Friday 4th July

Booked in with MSV if anyone fancied coming along to play or is already booked in.

I have a feeling it’s going to be scorchio tomorrow lol

I have also heard a few BSB boys will be there testing also. Oh great :w00t:

take the Panigale out then! :smiley:

Fell off :crying:

Someone clipped a cone onto the track at graham hill bend, I came round unsighted and ran over it with the front wheel. This washed the bike away from under me and I slid onto the grass.

Wasn’t particularly happy bunny as with all the other bits that broke the subframe was cracked so had to pack up and go home after three sessions.

!!! Oh crap :crying:. Any damage to you?

What was you more p’ed off about though - breaking the 'bike or missing out on the rest of the sessions?

brands is a bitch as usual… sorry to hear that mate. :frowning:

I’m just uploading the onboard footage of the session so once up i will post for your amusement :doze:

I am expecting a call from MSV on monday to discuss the matter so i hope they have something nice to report.

As for me and the bike well i now have a lovely bruised buttock and a bruised lump on my left calf and the bike is in need of a few spare parts. The rear subframe is off to get welded and should be back with me next weekend. A call to the company that supplies the rear sets will happen on monday and the leathers will need to go to the repairers next week to get a few holes stitched up.

Still i do have Cadwell to look forward to in a few weeks time though :smiley:

And on a plus note from the day we managed to change the suspension fork springs and rear spring to a lighter, yes thats right lighter set and now i have some decent feel and not a rock hard ride :cool: Which helped me to shave off a couple of seconds off my PB round there so i was very pleased with the testing.

Back there again at the end of the month where hopefully i can improve a bit more.

Wow, that was really unlucky. Did the guy infront clip it out onto the track or did he just avoid it?

Just had to watch it again, can’t beleive how unlucky you were, you didn’t stand a chance of seing it, not only was it on a bend but the Bike in front was hiding it too. Can you have a claim against the track for not keeping the racing line in a safe condition? surely the Yellows should’ve been out if that was there prior to you two going throught that section

MSV have come good and are resolving the incident :slight_smile:

Quick response and very helpful and understanding.

That great news. are they paying for the repairs on the Bike?

Paying towards repairs and a credit note on the trackday.

Oh that’s good of them, lucky you had it on Film then. So was the cone on the Racing Line prior to both Bikes going into that corner?

It was there for about 20 seconds before we got there!!!

bloody hell!!