Brands Hatch GP Circuit Trackday - 18/8/22

Hi all. @pricetta and I are booked in for this Brands Hatch GP trackday on the 18th August and can’t wait. It’s one of the best UK circuits IMO. There’s room in nearly all groups, so if anyone else wants to come, please do so!

The last time I rode the GP version of the circuit was quite some time ago, so I’m super excited to be going back, especially with the Ducati Panigale V2. Claire will be on her Aprilia RS 660.

She’ll be in the Middle group, and I’ll be in the Advanced group.

Ohhh I love Brands GP, and I am still on a high from my last race there, but work, money etc says no this time. :frowning:


99% chance will be booked in by end of week !!!

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Mucked about trying to decode which group, forgot about it as i had a silly busy past couple weeks of summer activities and all spots gone now beside advanced. I have been put on to the waiting list. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Doh. What group were you in previously, and roughly where were you in the pack?

Novice. I have done quite a few track days now, and I make constant progress and over takes. I do also get overtaken by a few late brakers, so I would say front quarter. I was considering the middle group, but decided to go Novice again, but use one of the free nolimits instructors to do a little assessment and let me know if I can move up or let me know what I need to work on before I do.

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Okay. Well it does sounds like you could move up to the Intermediate group without issue. I hope they come back to you with a place.

I got in!!! :partying_face: been refreshing the web page like hell since I have been put on the waiting list and saw availability on the lower group come up. So I booked it straight away.

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That’s great news mate! Let’s organise so we pitch up at the same place.

@Jay fingers crossed the rain holds up on Thursday. Looks like it will cool things down over the next couple days and hold up just in time.

I’m doubling down on my “don’t look at the weather forecast, just go” way of working. No good comes of worrying about it :slight_smile:

My only real thought, is that on the road, after a period of dryness, the rain can bring lots of contaminants to the surface and reduce grip… The up-side of a track is you get to suss the surface out nice and slowly, before building pace, so have time to judge the conditions :slight_smile:

What tyres are you running? We’re running the OEM supplied Pirelli Diablo Corsa IIs (love them).

Same here OEMs, but mine are Bridgestone S22. I hated them at first but at track pressures and temp they are fine. I think running them at the general 37front, 42 rear is to hard, when they are slightly softer they run better. When time to change I will not go with the same, currently doing my research but may just go with my old favourite michelin road pilots

The track usually dries up pretty quickly so hopefully it should be fine. fingers crossed, touch wood, light a candle all of the above.

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What kind of is there for tomorrow? I’m off tomorrow and my boy wants me to take him out for a ride so thought about coming over for a watch

What kind of… … … ???
Bikes? Fast ones!
People? Slow to fast ones!
Food? Average at best!

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Ready !!


Oops! left out ‘timescale’. Mental note to check message before hitting send.

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9-5pm or so, @Teflon for track activity.

Nice one @kcoops ! Lol you travel light. This is us:

Also, you got enough straps? Hehehe. You could tie down a rhino with that many.