Brands Hatch GP 26th August

Anyone going?

Got myself booked on, first time ever for the GP circuit as well so it should be interesting:P

The Gp Circuit is f**kin brilliant - you’ll love it. I’d be there like a shot but I’m away :frowning:

Not sure when Im leaving for the isle of man but will keep you updated dude cause you know this is my fave x

I’m booked on it. Last time was 30 years ago, so could be interesting :wink:

Fully booked :frowning:

PJ are you riding your road bike?


Abbey J and Ie are doing the GP circuit with No Limits next Wednesday (18th). Don’t know if there’s any space left.

Other guys in the department are going so I’ve gotta work unfortunately, good job I’m not coming anyway, every time I book gp it rains!!

See you there guys,but will be watchin…:smiley: