brands hatch gp 18.7.2012 nolimits

havnt done a trackday in ages. last time i did the gp circuit is pished down. no wets on wheels just racetecs :smiley:

four groups £169 thinking of tacking the blade but leaning towards gettinhg a hire bike to keep it safe from the red mist i always get whilst on track :smiley:

Ahhh frogga, the man of temptation…this is the day after my birthday, but working at the olympics… :frowning:

I say take the blade, you don’t want a piddly R6 running out of steam on the back straight do you? :wink:

i wont take the blade on track…not with my record of crashing on track

is no limits still run by Mark? he taught me to ride at his riding school in st albans at around the time they started the no limits business. nice bunch.

Yes mate it is :slight_smile: