Brands Hatch Evening 25th August - Novices Track Day


Anyone here going to this?

I’ve booked it, will be my first track day (on a bike)

I would be actually i bet that ones full now though! just want to run round on the new bike…who you doing it with?

MSV - are they the expensive option?

I must admit it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing so I didn’t look around for better prices

got a link chap? i’'ll have a gander! - not fussed if its a few quid more really!

dude - sold out! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Focused have the 17/08 4 places, 18/08 2 places and 20/08 4 places as of 23:15 today

If you still want to go and play.


I have booked this one a while ago as it is a novice day.

First time on track using my own bike.

Looking forward to it.


Cool, will look out for you.
What will you be on? - I’m on a red CBR600


I will be on a white and black fireblade

Have been watching the you tube videos to try and learn it and will try and get a lap with an instructor (according to msv this will be for a small fee) but I have been told by others that it is worth it.

Looks like the weather is going to be good 22*C and sunny.

Mike, It cost me £25 for about 10 mins track time with an instructor a couple of weeks ago on an MSV novice only day. You’ll be able to follow him round to help get the lines right. It really helps as some of those corners have a different quick line to what you may think.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. Pity money doesn’t allow me to join you!!


hi mate

since you’ve been there with MSV could you clear a couple of things up for me?

Do they allow action-cams mounted on the bike?
Do they have somewhere for secure storage whilst you’re on track?


I’m pretty sure MSV allow cameras, but you may have to fill out a form if you want to use one.

As for secure storage, best to leave your gear in the garage that the track photography guys use as they’re usually the last people to leave for the day. That’s what I do anyway.

Have a good track day. :slight_smile:

Yep they do. The marshal’s will check the camera and mounting to make sure it’s secure and you’ll probably have to fill in another disclaimer before you go on track. Make sure you fit it and see them early so you don’t miss any track time!

The organisers were happy to store items in the area where you register. Just ask them.

if i can get you in as a sub would you be interested?

i had an ‘incident’ over the weekend and am not sure if my bike is roadworthy enough

Photos are up of the day from rawaction.

I would recommend it for novices. It was well organised and there were only a couple of red flags which meant we got enough track time.

I will probably go on another msv day now.

Sorry i could not chat ferdelance being in different groups but glad you made it.

hi Mike

Thanks, saw the photos. He didn’t get any pics of me with my knee down which was a shame.

I had mixed feelings about the day. Not sure about your group, but in my group there were some nutters who clearly were not following the overtaking protocol. I had people attempting to pass me whilst leaning into a bend which was a bit hairy - happened especially when I was following a slower rider, I wait for a safe overtake spot and others just come up behind and think ‘I’ll take both of them into that bend’. I had a word with the organisers and I think they calmed things down a bit towards the end.

Overall a good day, but when one or two turn up on race spec bikes on a trailer, with tyre warmers and a crew you do wonder if the Novices only idea had been enforced, I know some riders were not happy…

I was just glad I made it having crashed less than 48 hours before! Quick patch up on the bike and was just the confidence booster I needed.

Until the next one…

I was there in the silver group and had a similar experience. There were some riders who clearly weren’t novices.

At one point I thought I was going to have to go onto the grass at Paddock Hill. I’d just caught up a bunch on the straight and as I’m about to tip into the corner some **** overtakes me then has to brake to avoid hitting the group, leaving me with knowhere to go.

It’d be annoying enough if you were racing but it was a track day, it’s not supposed to be competitive. You only had be paying attention in the safety briefing (difficult at times, admittedly) where we were told about someone getting killed the week before, to know what can happen if it goes wrong.

I wouldn’t say it ruined my day, I loved every minute of it, but it’s made me slightly wary of doing another one. I don’t want to get injured/have my bike written off because of someone who can’t understand basic rules like don’t overtake in corners (or at least when the rider in front is virtually in the corner). I think the organisers could do more to stop it happpening.

Having said that though it was a good experience and definitely improves your riding. On the way home I was way more confident and smoother. If only the race day heroes would chill out a bit…

I was in Silver so I guess we are talking about the same people.

What bike were you on?