Brands Hatch Evening 15.05.06 Pics

Full galleries up at:

So many in the second one, I don’t know where to begin, well done to Cezar for taking them, and thanks for walking around the circuit! I completely forgot to see if there were any professional shots afterwards, would have been nice to get some.

Here’s a few I liked…

B going Warp-Speed Factor 9:

Me into Druids:

Leggy Pete:

Andrew & JB:

Andrew & Me:


B setting up someone’s suspension:

Some Happy Memories for a few. Well done to all the guys that rode, look forward to seeing lots of you at Silverstone in June.

Great photo coverage of the event Cezar, hope you`re legs have recovered from the mileage you covered.
I think Focused may need a photographer coming to think of it.

One thing I don’t like about the FE photography service is that you have to get the photos on the day, you can’t get them at your leisure a day or two later, which is crazy I think. Other outfits have an online service, so the thumbnails go online and you choose which ones you want, buy online then they send you a DVD with them on.

I spoke to FE about this and they said they tried it before but it took up too much space on their site and wans’t that popular. Well, more like they didn’t implement the idea well enough (too much space?? thumbnails take up next to no space at all!) and didn’t realise the potential of it and thus didn’t promote it well enough.

So subsequently, with all the cafuffle going on at the end of the day, we didn’t get the photos, and couldn’t get them after, which was really dissapointing.

Great pics Cezar, good memories of a great day

Hell! How tired do I look in that one with JB? Crikey. This work stuff is taking it out of me…

Dammit Jay you’re right! I forgot too. And I know the snapper got me, knee on deck going out of Druids ! I saw the shutter (can’t believe what I almost typed there - a real ‘Cezar’ moment) although quite why I was gazing around is a mystery.

A curse on the snapper and all his kind. Lazy oik.

But top job Cezar, loving the blurred ones and I’ll somewhat begrudgingly admit that Nikon takes a decent pic too.

That hurt!

Cheeky bugger, of course the Nikon can take good snaps. Shame the photographer can’t match the equipment … WSB from last year, with the D70…

Brands Trackday:

Err heads? Nice

Heehee. I think Cezar took some real good’uns esp the panned ones. But inside Surtees would’ve been the killer shots - us two from the other angle would’ve been sweet! And I remember after seeing the sequence I was slowing to pit ! That’s why you could sneak past!

Why do I think Silverstone is gonna be all GSXR and no little 675!!! I’m in the bleedin’ novices too. Guess we’ll see.

I was being polite Andrew

So why Novices? Why not in the fast group? You were on the pace mate!

Yeah perhaps, but I admitted to not having ridden S before and he said best go novice and see how it goes. And considering other reports about S I figured, well better safe than sorry. And it saves being humiliated by your good self

Daresay I’ll be able to move up, or I could fib and blag a change of group. Or ride real slow hehe.

If you can ride that pace at Brands mate, you can ride it anywhere, just because it’s a new circuit doesn’t mean you won’t be on the pace after a session or two. Move up! It’ll be good to have a little play in the same group.

Guys looked like a great day would have LOVED to have had a go, nice shot Cezer thanks mate, looks like it will be next yr before I see a track

DA, why not come along and be with us for the Silverstone GP trackday in June (19th)? You don’t have to go on track, you can just mingle through the garages and see all the action you want, to get an idea of what goes on, to prepare youself!

People should go into whichever group they feel that they will be comfortable with. I aim to take the SV round in the fast group. It only does about 135 ish but through the complex I shall hold my own. The rest of the track I shall get blitzed on, but, I don’t care.

Andrew, from what I saw at Brands, you are way better than the novices. Remember, its 3 groups at Silverstone and so should be split better. I suggest you select the intermediate group myself if you are not confident about going in the fast group. Silverstone is a quick track but has some nice bends, you won’t be dissapointed with it. I think you will get frustrated with some of the slower riders if you go with novices.

It was great o be there ONLY TO TAKE YOUR PHOTOS! lol

Unfortunatelly I fogot my 300mm lens and had to use Jay’s camera wich wasn’t at my ‘level’. I did my best to take nice pics but it runn out on memory very quickly. My Canon wouldn’t! lol

Sorry for the ones I couldn’t take more photos but it was hard to be aware at all times as you where very spread through the groups and in the sessions.

Silvestone will be Canon time!

Well you could have asked me to fit more pictures on if you wanted mate, it was set at the highest resolution hehe, it could have gone down two levels. Ask next time!

Nice pics looks like you all had fun.

Can’t wait for Silverstone - will be my first trackday so really looking forward to it . - Novice group for me - one day i’ll be fast lol…

You guys plan on arranging anymore?

Ok tomorrow I’m gonna ring’em and ask to move up. Defo reckon novices could get in the way of the Trumpet.

Stan - looking forward to seeing the bike with it’s new bits on