Brands Hatch BSB Finale Galleries!

Boy were we lucky with the weather! Great weekend, even better racing but man, I can’t believe the season has gone so quickly! It doesn’t seem that long ago since we were in the Audi Forum at the beginning of the year wondering who was going to be pulling the punches this year…

We’re slowly getting a number of galleries online for the weekend, as well as other content like interviews and news. Here’s what we’ve got so far:


And as ever, all the latest BSB news and hi-def photos are up at:

Preview Snaps:

Alright, mine’s up too :slight_smile:

And I’m getting there with the captions…

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Fantastic Andrew!

Okay, the second track gallery is up now as well :slight_smile:

Preview Snaps:

Quality shots, guys…

And just LOOK at the kit on that girl…I mean bike.