Brands Hatch bike magazine track day 28th July

Novice, Intermediate and Advanced - 6 to 7 sessions per group of 20 minutes each, road bikes only day.

Anyone going? I am booked on this one.


I was looking at that on the MSVT website about doing that before you posted about it. If funds (and work :crying:) allow, I may just join you and boost the number of Triumphs on the track.

It would be great if you came too :slight_smile: I had a fantastic time last summer at brands, with a random group of taxi drivers ( on bikes not in taxis ) :smiley: The two sessions with the instructor was we’ll worth it - my instructor ( Richard ) was excellent and really encouraging.

i might book it too

I think there are still places left for this one.

Given other peoples’ experience with instructors I am going to ask for Richard again, as he was extremely helpful.

I know just need to wait 30th June and than if im going to be in one peace:D

I might be up for a bit of this

Well what an AWESOME day!! Had the best fun ever, even better than the last MSV track day - and that’s saying something. Despite arriving soaked to the skin after a torrential downpour, thunder and lightening on the way there, the day was perfect. Not so hot, a little rain, but not enough to spoil the day - and a great bunch of folks. The only casualties were in the Advanced group - two geezers came off on the gravel, but they got back up and were fine. I had a fantastic, encouraging and constructive instructor for two sessions and felt I’d really learned a lot and enjoyed myself.

The day felt really relaxed, non competitive and people rode what they brought - one guy was on his Harley!! People were friendly and cheerful, the team were helpful and I have a massive grin my face.

Well worth taking a day off work for:D

Cool! Happy for you! I forgot all about it, typically! :smiley:

Yes you missed a good one - have had two excellent days with MSV - plus two excellent instructors. Definitely going again!