Brands Hatch 4th October

Advanced Group

Brands Indy

Monday 4th October

It better be dry;)


Will be working. Maybe the next one :slight_smile:

i’m up for this. tried booking but something went wrong with the site when i confirmed payment so not sure if booked or not yet…

scratch that, found there is a confirming bookings page my account section, confirmed!!

Can’t do it. But am doing brands GP on 30th Sept…if fancy an overdose :smiley:

I might pop down and say hello and take a few photos - I’ve got Physio in the morning and currently no work booked afterwards.

all boked!!!

I now have a lift there and back :stuck_out_tongue:
Sweet, i can bring all my gear now;)

Will pop down mate…:slight_smile:

Do that Kev it would be good to catch up.

looking forward to this!

given this week unless we have a big departure those wets are going to be coming out to play

cracking day, oddest weather i think i’ve ever experienced at Brands have to say!

pics incoming…

Good to see you too mate, thanks by the way i was really enjoying myself again at Brands.

Had an absolutely awesome day thanks to all concerned for making so good. Kaos and Danie did superb and improved as the day went on, guys you did fantastic out there:) Ben what can i say fella, maybe next time;)
Fred, novice group, track bike and wets I’m sure you could have ventured into the inters mate:w00t:
And Tim who managed to join an exclusive club today, Paddock Hill:w00t: well done for getting out of that in one piece and getting the bike back out there, with special thanks to Matt and Lee our pit bitches, thanks guys as always.

Till the next time.

interesting, mocking someone with lots of pictures…:wink:



I think you misunderstood mate i was saying maybe next time as in i might be able to keep up :hehe:

It was good to have someone to play with on track mate i hope you had as good a time as me:)

haha, nice backpedding!

yeah it was great fun. maybe i should go to CSS to catch you up :wink:

here’s a couple of the others having fun:





Nice one mate some good pics there.

Good day today and a big thankyou to all those that were there and supported and help me out especial my pit monkeys, you know who you are :smiley:

cant have been frenchie, he’s about as useful as a pork chop in a sinagogue…



a few more for Tim’s collection, a kind of before and after:









Thanks for the day all really much more fun then the first time I went, definitely made better by having friends about to share the experience with.

Big thanks to Matt for all the advice, much needed and heeded, remembering to breath made a huge difference!

Great fun out there.

Oh and thanks for the pics JB, that is a cracking one of me on the move.