Brands Hatch 30/10/08 With FE

Is anyone going on this trackday?

'Tis a bargain at only £99 :smiley:

It might be a bargain but it’s still £100 more than I’ve got…even though it’s payday by bank balance is preceeded by a “-” :smiley:

Just booked , See ya there ill be on the bike below:)" if me and it survives the 8th oct @ brands" that is :smiley:

It’s 99 notes cos it’s likely to be lashing it down!

I think B will be there, I may make a appearence too!

It was B that mentioned it to me yesterday :slight_smile:

With the way the weather’s been so far this year it could quite easily be sun, rain or snow…or possibly all three together:w00t:

****, do I need a 3rd set of wheels with snow chains on now then?

I meant to post up this date up ages ago but Rusty has beat me to it. It’s going to be an end of season trackday for me so aiming to get plenty of us out there for a fun day out.

Les is coming from the workshop, I might even have a supermoto to play with so get your name down Pete;)

Let the fun commence!

me, andrew and alex might be looking likely for this one B.

More the merrier Dean! Go for it mate. Alex sounded keen but I think we’ll have to keep on his case and get him to book up soon.

I need to arrange a day off then.

Good man! I’m still available if you’re interested in 1 to 1 tuition Pete. Either way we’ll get a few laps.

I might need the woolens on though:D

should be up for this one B. want to do a brands date in oct

Nice one JB, I was beginning to wondering where you were. Can’t resist eh!

it was the mention of your woolens. sent me all a-quiver :wink:

I’ve been told B is on the cover of Octobers “Racing Knittwear.”

I’m more concerned about your reading habits Pete.

errrr…can you get me a copy!

Back on topic, anyone else interested in riding on the hallowed tarmac at Brands? All levels of ability and sense of humour are welcome:)

rite got the holiday authorised by work today so looking good, andrew has dropped out again, suprise surpise and i need to work on alex as he is bit whipped by girlfriend at the moment.:smiley:

just need to keep praying that there is no rain

should i or shouldn`t i:D:D:D:D:D

Sounds like a just another day at DP towers.:slight_smile:

Course you feckin’ should! Gonna be there, I’ve booked it already, have to get one in before the end of the year, and I will try and remember not to crash this time! :smiley:

See you there JB, B, rusty and DP… :slight_smile: