Brands Hatch 26th of Feb 2011

It’s on a Saturday so no need to take a day off work :smiley:

Who else is going?

Very tempted. I’m a track day noob though and would need to get myself some leathers in the interim…

i will, if i still have my bike then.

Nice one Jun,

How will I recognise you? I’ll be on a white Fireblade (954rr) looking out of place :D…

Oh and by the way I have an extra ticket as my friend can’t make it. £80 ONO if anyone is interested.

still available?:slight_smile:

I’m interested too… whos organizing this? no limits? FE?

Actually… just looked at the weather… pissing it down!

Hi Jewell,

Yes it’s still available. Give me a call on 07799654322.