Brands Hatch 25 July

Is any body gonna be there? It’s with

£139, expensive, but not outragous. Their website doesn’t say if they have any spaces left or not though. Might be interested, will have to see!

Well, yesterday was my first time at brands and my second track day. I have to say I wasn’t that impressed. The conclusion I’ve come to is that the organiser wasn’t as good as the Hopp rider training. The group wasn’t spilt into sub groups which meant that there was 30+ bike going out one after another, with riders of all abilities just mixed up. so it became chaos pretty quick. Also, with the track being as short as it is, there doesn’t have to be much of a time difference between riders before you start lapping. There was only 2 instructors throughout the day, which I felt wasn’t enough.

I’m not a track demon and don’t imagine I ever will be. If I do any more track days, and I guess I will. I’ll make sure I know how many instructors will be there on the day, the length of the track and how they start the groups.

Paddock is a bit scary, especially if you go in a bit hot and it’s wet, for some reason I couldn’t sort Druids out, I think I was off the gas too much and Clearways is fantastic, crank it over and give it some.

Brands is a fantastic circuit when you get into it, as it’s very technical and hard to ride very fast. Most organisers run three groups; novice, intermediate and experienced, with about the numbers in each that you speak of, depending on the circuit size. The more experienced you get, and the better the group you go in, the easier it becomes. People ride much more smoothly, and at a similar pace in the faster groups. Give it another go for sure!

I think we want to be doing an evening session at Brands again soon, so keep you eyes open!

Focussed Events - 23rd August - Brands Hatch Indy - be there… I will as will many others.